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Copy of The Happiest Boy in the World

No description

Dyna De Guzman

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Happiest Boy in the World


He wanted to go to school in Mansalay that year.He was in fifth grade when his family had left Tablas the year before and migrated to Mindoro; because the his had some difficulty in getting some land of his own to farm, the boy had to stop schooling for a year.

He had come from Tablas to settle in Barok, was writing a letter.He thought himself lucky enough to have Ka Ponso take him on as tetant.

He is a rich man, he visit his property then, and it happened that Julio's wife gave birth to a baby and he offered to become its godfather. After that day they began to call each other compadre.

She is Julio's wife and she gave birth to a baby named Felipa.
One night, Julio tried to wrote a letter for Ka Ponso. He was making a favor to Ka Ponso to grant Jose a Scholarship.
But along the way Jose got curious about the letter. He opened it and he was so surprised that his father gave him a chance to send him to school.
Julio reminded Jose to take care the letter and do everything that Ka Ponso's assigned him to do.
The Happiest Boy in the World
by N.V.M Gonzales
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