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Data Journal

No description

cherry arcilla

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Data Journal

Data Journal
*Based on Sarah's paper*

10/11 7:48pm - 10/11 9:11pm
*Took the bus to China town = I was with my friends

*Bought bubble tea = receipt

*Took the train back home = people on the train

*Got picked up = sister's boyfriend
10/11 11:00pm - 10/12 10:30am
*Ate dinner = my dad saw me

*Went to bed = my dad

*Woke up = mom woke me up

*Ate breakfast = ate with mom
10/12 11:25am - 10/12 4:23pm
*Tweeted = twitter profile

*Took medicine = mom watched me

*Took a nap = mom saw me

*Woke up = mom woke me up

*Ate dinner = with mom
Data conclusion
This assignment made me realize that having data around is a good thing. I say this because it keeps records about the things we do by having people watch over us and observe the little things we do that makes up our daily ways.
10/11 4:27pm- 10/11 5:47pm
*Took the bus and train to Downtown = camera's on the bus and train station

*Phone call from Colleen = recent call in phone

*Took the bus to the football game = camera's on the bus and my friend knows this

*Got to the game = my friends saw me
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