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Solar Energy

No description

Alison Snarponis

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Solar Energy

Alison Snarponis
Solar Energy
Designed to take advantage of solar radiation without active technology
Passive Solar Heating
Energy captured from sunlight with intermediate technologies
Active Solar Energy
Benefits and Drawbacks of Active Solar Energy Systems
1. Solar energy is the primary source of energy for all life forms.
Solar Water Heating Systems
Cold water rises, heated by Sun, circulated back to heating system
Photovoltaic Systems
Photovoltaic solar cells
Electricity uses
How does system deliver electricity?
Concentrating Solar Thermal Electricity Generation
Focus the sunlight
Large scale application of solar energy to electricity generation
No air pollution
Produce needed energy
Small-scale is feasible
Requires many resources
Solar ovens
Almost limitless
Amount of solar energy varies
1. What is the difference between passive and active solar heating? Can you provide an example of each?
2. What is one benefit and one drawback of active solar energy systems?
3. Do you think solar energy is reliable? Will it ever be sustainable?
True or False:
1. The amount of solar energy available in a particular place varies with weather, time, season, and geography.
2. Thermal inertia is the ability of a material to retain heat or cold.
3. Concentrating solar thermal electricity generation is becoming more popular despite the amount of land it uses.
4. Solar energy is clean.
2. Solar power can be used to cook food, heat and cool homes, warm water, and light buildings.
3. California currently has the largest solar power plant in the world.
4. For solar energy to generate electricity there must be daylight. During the night, stored solar energy or an alternative energy source must be used.
5. Although the initial investment of solar panels is large, energy from the sun is free! The payback period may take several years, but money will be saved in the long term.
Photovoltaic panels
Where does it come from?
Description of Energy
How is it obtained?
Available supply: Renewable
History of Use
Current Demand
Additional Information
Research Question
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