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All About Shelties

A prezi that tell you how to care for shelties and about their breed and lifestyle.

Courtney Mathias

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of All About Shelties

All About Shelties! doylematthewsnovels.com Thankyou! (: By Courtney Mathias! (: The Breed Shelties (Shetland Sheepdogs) are extremly intelligent, gentle, and loyal. Known as "Little Lassies" they are sweet-natured, energetic, and easy to train. They come from an island named "Shetland Island,"and where first regestered in England in 1909 and in the U.S. in 1911. They make great companions for adults, and children as well, also they love attention. Shelties need activities for thier minds as well as thier bodies.
{ Coat Care/Type } Shelties have a full, double coat that is meduim long and very dense, with a mane around his neck and chest which may be very long. The Sheltie's coat needs weekly brushing and sheds heavily in Spring and Fall. His legs and tail are very heavily feathered. Height and Weight Height: normally 13-16 inches
Weight: normally 14-27 lbs. { Coat Colors } Shelties coat colors consist mainly of sable, white, tri-color (black, sable, and white,) and, blue merle (marbled.) White is normally on the nose (and can go up the forehead) as a blaze, on the feet and/or legs, on the mane, and, on the tail. Who are They for? Shelties can be mainly for anyone. Shelties make great companions and family dogs. However, some Shelties can be very high-strung and nervous, so they need special handeling. Thier distrust of strangers makes them good watchdogs. Obedience Shelties' desire to please thier owners makes them great at obedience, they are very easy to train and listen well when treats are used. Thier high energy level is great for agility. Learn to work with your Sheltie's personality and he will make you look like the best trainer in your town! (: http://www.trainpetdog.com/ShetlandSheepdog Fun Facts! :D 1. A Sheltie will normally bark happily when they sense a member of the 'family' is on thier way home, long before the car can be heard by human ears!
2. They are very affectionate and enjoy the companionship of another cat or dog.
3. They are very heat sensitive, so be sure to give them a cool place to lay down.
4. They will heard you, your kids, and/or your other pets too! Great exercise! Genetic Problems Eye diseases, hypothyroidism, displacement of the kneecap (patella) are possible problems. Hip and leg problems like arthritis and dysplasia are often seen.
CAUTION! Be especially careful not to breed to a close relative! Litter size: Average 4-8 puppies
Life Span: Average 12-14 years Exercise Walks are needed daily, especially if you live in a small apartment, or have a small yard. The breed is know for herding and will heard animals such as, chickens and sheep. Shelties really enjoy toys and have high energy. ATTENTION! Recipies to homemade dog food help your dog
live longer?
5300 dog food scares in 2006 and 2007 with over 3600 pet deaths have left owners wondering, "Is my dog food safe?"
FACT: Commercial dog food contain many chemicals and bi-products such as:
Phosphoric Acid
Butylated Hydroxysanisole
Propylene Glycol (which is used in antifreeze!) FACT: These bi-products and chemicals lead to, Cancer
Heart Attacks
Kidney Disease
Remember: Your dog's behavior, health, and happiness is DIRECTLY affected by what it eats! Thankyou for using your
time to watch this Prezi! (:
I hope you learned something! dogbreedinfo.com Shelties at 2 weeks old <3 sheltie.net I personally have my own
sheltie he is a male and is my pride and joy!
Love you so much Chucky! (: <3 askville.amazon.com sheltiekings.eu its ok to be differant! (: marthastewart.com flickr.com blog.stackoverflow.com alhenashelties.ca treehugger.com
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