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Developing & Performing the "Perfect Pitch"

Pitching, Improving Your Win Rate, Presentation, Practice, Winning Work, Presentation Zen, Sales, Challenger Sale, Sales Force Development

Scott McArthur

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Developing & Performing the "Perfect Pitch"

The "Perfect Pitch" Clarity dissolves resistance Write Your Story Polish
Shoes Enter
Theatre" Bright
Spots Alpha
Zone Practice Until "Pitch Perfect" Marginal
Gains Customer Intimacy Know the Players Clarify Objective Script Critical Messages Clarity Dissolves Resistance Perform The "Perfect Pitch" Follow Up &
Performance Review Compile "Audience"
Dossier Lead and Supporting Cast Leadership Impact & Insights Psychometrics Questioning, listening and stakeholder skills What is working well around here? Producer: Scott McArthur (Sculpture Consulting)

Storytelling: Anecdote Circles

Visualisation: Delta 7

Psychometrics: Robertson Cooper and Insights Learning

Forum Theater - Frank Partners The Cast Visual Dialogue A performance produced by Sculpture Consulting Ltd Make sure you and your materials "look the part"

Room, lights, tools, ACTION The more you practice - "from handshake to handshake" - the greater your chance of success Stop the action and suggest
a different approach ...being at my best We've been shortlisted - "Now What?" ? Also enables you to build a list of critical questions that the client may ask on the day "Nail It" "I think today was the day that I 'woke up' and decided that something needs to change. Scott inspired me to think differently"

Supply Chain Director, M&S “It was a pleasure to see you in action at the pitching master-class. A brilliant and enthralling presentation”

SVP Sales, Atos "take the 1% from everything concerning the pitch; finding a 1% margin for improvement in every single step" Harness the power of past success to help you deliver in the moment Reinforce key messages Keep your pitch at the front of the clients mind Encourage a culture of "learning from our mistakes" Vision Trumps All Tongue Gym - loosen up and smile Scott@sculptureconsulting.com http://www.mcarthursrant.com/ “Sculpture believes that there is a discrepancy between what science knows and what business does with its people and customers. Based on this our approach is to help our clients change the way they think about themselves, their people and their customers”
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