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Heroes Journey: The Little Mermaid

No description

ellie heal

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Heroes Journey: The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid: Heroes Journey
Ordinary World
1)The little mermaid, Ariel, is upset with life under the sea. She is bored and discovers much entertainment in learning about humans. As she finds human artifacts from ship wrecks, she becomes even more distraught with living in the ocean. Ariel believes she doesn't belong in the sea so she begins her journey to try and get to where she really belongs.
Call To Adventure
2)Ariel begins thinking about her journey after she starts collecting valuable human artifacts from ship wrecks. The things she finds help intrigue her enough to make her want to be apart of the human world. Her father, King Triton, forbade her from going to the surface seeing as humans were dangerous. This only fuels her desire to see humans.
Refusing The Call To Adventure
3) Although Ariel is desperate to see how humans live, her father has other ideas. In this story, the hero(Ariel) doesn't refuse the call so much as her father keeps her from accomplishing it. King Triton is dead set on not letting her explore the land because of how "dangerous" people are.
Meeting With The Mentor
Heroes Journey: The Little Mermaid
Ellie Heal
Mrs. DeLac
21 October 2013
4)Because King Triton is disappointed in Ariel for falling in love with a human boy, he assigns her a chaperone. King Triton entrusts Sebastian to watch over Ariel and to make sure she doesn't do anything she's not supposed to( such as visiting the water's surface). Although Sebastian tries to deviate Ariel from her possibly destructive intentions, his efforts are futile.
"The Little Mermaid" movie almost didn't get filmed because a sequel to "Splash" was being made.
The voice of King Triton was supposed to be Patrick Stewart, but he dropped out of the film due to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" scheduling conflicts.
Hero Encounters Enemy
6)Ariel is faced with the choice to save Eric after his ship sinks. Her father doesn't want her associating with humans so she has to make the decision on whether to obey her father and let Eric die, or to save him. She pulls him to land and leaves him. The sea witch, Ursula, sends two eels to spy on Ariel and see how upset she has become that she can't stay with Prince Eric . Ariel ends up meeting with Ursula to make a deal. She encounters her biggest enemy and is conflicted with the internal question on how far she is willing to go for love.
The "Little Mermaid" is Disney's spin
off of Hans Christian Andersen's
original "Little Mermaid" written in

5) Sebastian tries to convince Ariel that life is better under the sea. Ariel goes against her father's orders and goes to the surface with Sebastian.This is where she see's Prince Eric for the first time.
Crossing The Threshold
Ariel discovers the "dinglehopper"
When Sebastian was created, he was supposed to have a British accent, not a Jamaican one.
Ursula is
7) Now that Ursula has tricked Ariel into giving her her voice, she becomes a human to win over Eric. Ursula puts a spell on Eric so that he is brainwashed into wanting to marry Ursula. As Ariel hears this, she is devastated. Sebastian comes and they contrive a plan to destroy Ursula. Sebastian and Ariel stop the wedding, reveal Ursula's true form as well as getting Ariel her voice back. Thus, breaking Eric out of his stupor.
Ursula was
semi-based on
"The Rescuers"
The Ordeal
8) After the wedding is crashed it seems all is over and won. Ursula ends up nearly defeating King Triton. During this short period of time, Ursula is the ruler of the sea.
9) As Ariel finds Eric, his eyes are just now being opened. They kiss and find out the truth, and voila! Everything is as it should be( except for King Triton nearly being defeated).
Prince Eric and Ariel see the problem with her father, get a ship, and impale Ursula, killing her and gaining freedom for all who were deceived by her.
The Reward
10) After realizing how much Eric loves his daughter, King Triton allows Ariel to marry him. She is conflicted though because she knows that she will live the rest of her life either as a human, or as a mermaid. Ariel decides to stay with Eric and to live as a human the rest of her life.
Th Road Back
11) Ariel finally feels at peace and is happy
with life on land.
She is reborn into a human and does not return to
the ocean.
12) For the last and final stage, Ariel and
Eric finally get
married. Her father approves of her
being a human, and Ursula has been destroyed.
Return with Elixir
Ariel is the hero in this
film. She sacrifices the world that she knows and her family so that she may have the chance to be with Eric.
Sebastian is the main
mentor in this movie. He helps Ariel in many of the problems she has including the time when they devised a plan to destroy Ursula.
King Triton, Ariel's dad, is the threshold guardian because he blocks Ariel from what she wants to do. He does not allow her to go to the surface when that is the one thing she desires to do, trying to keep her safe .
Threshold Guardian
The Seahorse Herald is the herald in ''The Little Mermaid'' because he announces many of the things that happen. He announces many of the events such as accidentaly making Sebastian tell Triton of Ariel's plans. This in turn, sets off a series of events which lead to Ariel going to the surface, finding Eric
Ursula is the shape shifter because she pretends to help Ariel when she really is doing it for her own benefit. Ursula says she makes the deal to give Ariel feet for Ariel, but in reality she did it to get her voice/powers.
Shape Shifter
In this movie, Jetsam and Flotsam are the shadows. They are the two eels Ursula sent to spy on Ariel. Throughout the film, we can see them watching and reporting back to Ursula what they see.
Ursula plays a second part and is also the trickster. She is able to deceive people easily with multiple personalities.One example of this would be when she and Ariel make a deal and Ursula purposely makes it to where Ariel couldn't possibly hold up her part of the deal.
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