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Copy of What If...Adolf Hitler was Never Born

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Emily Diep

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of What If...Adolf Hitler was Never Born

WHAT IF... Adolf Hitler was Never Born As many know it, Adolf Hitler was one if the most merciless dictators of all time. He had a personal hatred of Jewish people, which he took to mind when he became chancellor/dictator of Germany. With his new found power Hitler began one of the most infamous event of all time. The Holocaust. After the Holocaust, Hitler became one of the most infamous people of all time. Killing thousands, to millions of Jews. This man alone was able to cause the largest mass murder of history since the first emperor of China. He started the invasion of and Poland which ignited World War II. Adolf Hitler, was never born. What if this wretched man was never brought into the world in the first place. What would happen if he was never born, if he never became a dictator, what if he never led the Holocaust or created the Nazis. How would the world be different. How different would it be if the most notorious man of this time, never existed. But What if... History As We Know It Without a doubt, people could say that of Adolf Hitler wasn't born, the world would be such a better place. But would it? Does his existence in the world have such a strong effect. In fact it does. If Hitler was not born, would the Holocaust had happen? Would Germany be the world power that it os today? Would WW2 still had happen? Would the Jewish people be different? Would Nazis ever be founded? Would white supremacy still exist? These all are questions that come to mind. Without Hitler EVER being born, or to come into existence...how much would be changed? World War 2 World War 2 might have never started. Without Hitler's idea to invaded Poland, which was the trigger point for WW2, the war might not have been started. There is still a great chance WW2 would have been started anyways but, it could have been delayed if Hitler didn't exist.
Germany would not have been divided as North Germany and East Germany
The Nazis could have been disassembled earlier or completely without Hitler's leadership Holocaust For one the Holocaust would have never happened, for this event was completely caused my Hitler
The 20 million plus people who were killed during the Holocaust would have never been killed
Albert Einstein would have never come to the United States if the jewish were not persecuted The Cold War The Berlin wall would have never been built since Germany would have been split
Russia and America would not have been the world powers they are today because Hitler would be there to pull the Soviet Union into World War 2.
America wouldn't have built the Atomic bomb first since without persecution of Jews Albert Einstein would have stayed in Germany
The Cold War might not have started Conclusion Overall Hitler's existence in the world had its cons as well as its pros. Even though many know Hitler as an evil man, and that the world would be a better place without him, that idea is not entirely true. His existence in the world shaped it into what it is today. Without WW2 or the Holocaust the world would be a complete different place than it os today. Many of the things that we love and enjoy might not be here today.
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