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Social PR & Digital Advocacy: USA for UNHCR's Blue Key Campaign

It's not easy to give a faceless, voiceless people a voice. SBC Inc. designed and implemented strategic digital PR, with a liberal helping of online community building and social engagement did just that, generating focused, measurable results.

Shonali Burke

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Social PR & Digital Advocacy: USA for UNHCR's Blue Key Campaign

The Blue Key Campaign
The Challenge:
How do you give a voice to people who are
, faceless,
, and homeless?
Tell refugee stories in a compelling way
through those who DO have a voice
, i.e. ...
Build a cadre of "
Blue Key Champions
" - digitally engaged, cause-passionate community leaders

the Champions to advocate for refugees and the Blue Key
The Strategy
Influencer outreach + community building =
Social PR
Blogger outreach
& increasingly frequent blog posts on the campaign
Building the Champions Hall of Fame &
social proof
Incredibly effective social media fundraisers such as "

Integrating analytics
to track the most effective outreach elements
Campaign Elements
Awareness began to increase
via social channels ...
What Started to Happen?
... as Champions got
more invested
, more keys got
the campaign
goal was exceeded
the email file grew
along with the community; and
... and
more Champions signed on
, thereby increasing the campaign's reach
it became a model on
community-building, digital advocacy and measurement
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