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VT presentation

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Peter Levi

on 31 August 2010

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Transcript of VT presentation

Visual T'filah The world is based
upon three things Torah avodah/
worship gemelut hasidim/
acts of loving-kindness NU? Where do you feel most spiritual? no calling out page numbers
transliterations for all prayers
focus up on bimah, not lost in a book
no looking around the page for where we are
visual enhancement to our prayer experience
integreates art and visual awe
reintoduces liturgical creativity and dynamic prayer experiences

"Visual T'filah brings modernity into harmony with tradition, unifies a community and renews energetic enthusiasm for prayer."
-Rabbi Zoë Klein “These screens may just allow us to be more present as part of a worshiping community in ways we might not often be afforded.”
-Rabbi Billy Dreskin “I enjoyed being able to look up toward the Bimah while praying. I felt more a part of the congregational prayer than usual.”
- MS “The visuals behind the words added to the spiritual feeling
as we prayed.” The creative imagery was phenomenal, providing thematic emphasis and touches of magic, lifting this multi-generational prayer experience to a new level of engagement, wonder, joy and contemplation. Grandparents and grandchildren alike felt invited to reflect upon traditional melodies in new and profound ways.
---Rabbi Zoë Klein “We’re finding that congregants of all ages benefit from projected images. Kids think it's cool. Older members appreciate not having to hold a prayerbook and often think the screens are easier to look at. High school students don't come because of it, but once there, they react wonderfully to it.”
-Rabbi Billy Dreskin Visual T'filah Advantages: Throughout our history,
the prayer service has
changed based on
the needs of the people
the available
technology 60% of the population are visual learners "The visuals help us engage more deeply in prayer
and the meaning/impact of prayer."

We are innovators
We are building a Judaism for our grandchildren

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