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During-Reading Comprehension Activities

No description

Sarah Choong

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of During-Reading Comprehension Activities

Direct Reading-Thinking Activity (DR-TA) During-Reading Comprehension Activities Developed by Russell Stauffer (1969) Definition of Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DR-TA) Method/ Technique Purpose of Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DR-TA) Steps of Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DR-TA) Advantages of DR-TA Cherie Nicole
Lee Kheng Soon
Nishanti Singh
Sarah Choong
Gao Ting Ting GROUP 1 1. Discuss author's background
2. Ask about title and subheadings
3. Ask students to predict first segment of material
4. Read preselected text aloud
5. Teacher asks questions regarding text and discusses tough concepts and difficult vocabulary
6. Students are to predict next segment
7. Steps 3-6 are repeated until text is completed A stop-and-start technique to help students deal with difficult text by breaking material into chunks. Text is divided, read aloud and discussed through constructive questions whereby students will make predictions on material using prior knowledge and/or data collected. Video How To on DR-TA IRECT EADING HINKING CTIVITY - scan title and subheadings
- directs discussions to make predictions -preselected text until stopping point
-evaluate predictions - teacher asks questions to
modify predictions - Use other activites like Selective Reading and Text Pattern Guide Enchances active and thoughful reading

Helps students tap into prior knowledge

Encourages understanding and comprehension

Strengthens reading and critical thinking

Encourages student participation

Fosters analytical skills (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Sample the text Make predictions Sample, discuss,
predictions Engage Actively in a 3 Step Cycle
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