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Casey Castaneda

on 17 December 2012

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Pathology Forensics Casey
Castaneda What is it? * Medical Examiner
* Examine the bodies the of the dead
- violently
* Finds...
- cause of death
-manner of death
- time of death HISTORY *Imhotep- 1st medical examiner
(2650-2600 B.C)- Kings and higher
* First historical autopsy- Julius Caesar
(244 B.C)- 23 stab wounds
*First forensic medicine book- Song Chi
Forensic pathologist-Southern Song
Dynasty "Father of Forensic Medicine
*Europe- First written record requiring
autopsy- (1507)
*Medical Examiners appointed in
Baltimore by the Board of Health (1890)
* Pathology recognized by the U.S
Board of Health(1959) Schooling - Four years of university
- Four years of Medical school
-Four to Five years of residency
(clinical and anatomic Pathology)
-Board exams
- 1 to 2 years of Pathology fellowship
* 13-15 years Course of study -anatomy
- microbiology
- medical law
-biology The Pathologist ROlES Can be divided in to.... Toxicologic
*find any type of drugs in the body
*microorganisms, fibers,blood, ect.
*taking pictures of body
*testing for radiation
*dissecting the body -Dissect the body looking for any
unnatural and sudden factors that lead to death
- provided that evidence to investigators
*all evidence can be used in court Uniform THE TOOLS Eteratone Hagedorn needle Vibrating saw Rib cutters Skull chisel Hours and Working Conditions -10-13 Hour day
-24-hour call - Forensic Lab/ Mourge
- Crime Scene
-Court Salary U.S Average salary
$75,000 – $200,000
per year ????????? Works Cited Connection to Meriwether Lewis Use... - have known how he died
-not from natural causes
-the shots resulted in his death Modern Terms.... -figure out time of death
-which shot was fired first
- Murder or Suicide? Wanna see some gross pictures?????:D “ForensicPathologist.”Explorehealthcareers.org.American Dental Association. 2012
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