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Using Technology to Engage Students

No description

Moira Blakley

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Using Technology to Engage Students

An educator can know their subject inside and out, but unless they are able to connect to their students, not much learning will take place. This is where technology comes in. Technology in the classrooms allows the students to access information and gives them tools for creativity. For example, rather than writing a boring essay, students can search the web and use many modes of presentations to convey their topic. Graphics, research, and even things like spell check are readily available to students, making class time more engaging and meaningful.

Explain Everything
By using this app, you can draw, record your voice, make video and add images.
You can explain a math concept for students that are struggling with math subject.

Create learning groups for students to access and give response.
Post message, create assignments and provide student feedback
Set up folders upload files, video, links and images.
Using Technology to Engage Students
You can study sets to learn new concepts, search and edit ready made quizzes and import images to a quiz.
You can change the quiz mode to interactive game, flashcards, and tests.

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by Mang Zi & Moira
With the 21st century in full swing, educators need to stay up to date with the current technology in order to best engage their students. If the students wish to be on their phones in class, the teachers need to make their lessons more appealing. In my future classroom, I will do my best with the resources I have (quite a few, actually), to make my classroom a fun learning environment. Resources such as the ones noted, give students the freedom to learn and present in a way that suits them best. What more could a teacher ask for?
Online math tool that functions as a calculator and graphing tool, free of charge. It would work especially well in any math classroom that has a limited supply of math tools. Students can access it on a pc or mobile device. It would greatly influence the classroom and homework. With the proper tools, the students will be more engaged and ready to learn.
Students can thoroughly organize classwork, take screen shots , pictures, and take quick notes. It can be used during class lectures or for study groups. It engages students because it can be used on a pc or a mobile device.
Kahoot! is perfect for in class quizzes and questionnaires. It is set up like a game. It allows teachers to see how the students are progressing, while being a fun, interactive game for the class.
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