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Construction Final Presentation

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joshua allen

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Construction Final Presentation

Human Resource
Management Various Technology
includes: Human Resources must use technology to create a competitive advantage Each of these Technologies
has their own Challenges Understanding the various challenges is the first step to overcoming the obstacles and using technology as a competitive advantage Social Networking Construction Group
HRM 431 Presentation Human resources are an integral part of every organization. Even those small businesses which have only a few employees are exposed to the duties that are consistent with many larger human resources departments. “The success of any organization is largely dependent on the quality of its people.” (O'Neal, 2011, p. 87) Professional
Networks Networking on a professional
level is uniquely different than
networking on a purely social
level. First, developing and following
contacts that relate to the networking goals can be challenging. Secondly, it may be difficult attempting
to tweet and communicate in less than 140 characters Also, during twitter streams, it can be difficult to follow the direction of the conversation and ensure that your ideas and inputs are being heard. Other Challenges include: Sharing Ideas among all group members and making sure that everyone's opinion is heard... And finding time when everyone is able to meet online to discuss ideas, even though we may be in different timezones. The key is to plan meetings in advance, give everyone plenty of time to contribute and discuss ideas, and to attempt to have a rough draft created early to allow the entire group to review, update, and approve. Teamwork and project management was an integral component of this course. Employee Handbook: Why did we make some of the choices we made with regard to the handbook and/or task assignment/reassignment? We decided to use policies that were related to a construction company We have team leaders and we used the chat room for the whole group to meet and decide on who was going to do what we tried to divvy the work up so that everyone would have an opportunity to participate approximately equally, while taking interests into account The handbook and the entire class has made us realize how much work and how varied that work is for Human Resource Professionals It is important for a HRM Professional to learn the dynamics of business and the finance acumen to assess and communicate how HRM strategies impact the bottom line There are many laws that must be documented in the employee handbook, and the HR department needs to ensure that they communicate these regulations to managment and staff. Technology has caused the recruiting process to be much more dynamic than years past. Recruiters now use a combination of social networking, job boards, add, and twitter to recruit and solicit prospects. This has increased our knowledge of HR and its strategic use within a company
Joshua Allen
Alisa Jokisch
Joshua Sweeney
Shari Thurman
Janetta Waterhouse
Kelli Wiesener Manning Construction Group
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