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Colton Kissell

on 16 November 2009

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Transcript of Lacrosse

Lacrosse Casey Powell Steve Brooks Zach Greer Matt Abbott Mike Powell As a young child Carson father started him out in a sport called lacrosse. His dad handed him a stick and said " this is what your doing for the rest of your life." How Carson got started to lacrosse Carson's idle is Mikey Powell. He as always looked up to him as a little boy. He played and practiced ever single day of the year to become as good or maybe better than him. Carson practices with the high school team to increase his level of ability. Carson would like to further his career in lacrosse and maybe go to Syracuse and follow in Mikey Powell's footsteps " Victory comes to those who believe in winning."
Carson went to lacrosse camp and met Mikey Powell. What Mikey Powell said to him was " he had good vision and stick skills and if he kept up he could go anywhere." How Colton got started in lacrosse I was inspired as a kid by my friend Carson to play lacrosse. I always wanted to be as good and maybe even better than him, but he has always been better than me. I think this is good so I can keep getting better and strive to be better than him. I didn't really have an idle when I was growing up to play lacrosse. I guess I sort of played for fun and got really good so I started to play seriously and now I'm on a travel team that goes around the country. I always thougt of lacrosse as a second sport. Now I think of it as my life. Colton Kissell Carson Dutkanych
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