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The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

No description

Hope Hall

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

Arthur Bobowicz is the main character of this story. He is a determined and kind child. Even when his two hundred sixty-six pound chicken gets lost in New Jersey, Arthur does not give up.
Henrietta, Arthur's two hundred sixty-six pound chicken, is 15 feet tall, and loves potatoes. She is a very kind and loving chicken. Sadly, no one seems to understand that she is nice except for Arthur, because of her size.
Professor Mazzocchi is a scientist that goes crazy for new inventions. He is the one that invented Henrietta. He also invented: red, white, and blue lizards, and square gold fish.
Arthur's Father is a man that does not like much excitement, and tends to just "go with the flow". Which is probably why he never liked the chicken, Henrietta.
Arthur's parents ask him to bring home the Thanksgiving bird. Arthur looks all over for a bird, but it seems to Arthur that there are no birds for sale in the whole town. Finally, Arthur comes across a sign reading: Professor Mazzocchi inventor of the Chicken System. Ten minutes later he finds himself standing in the middle of an apartment hallway with a live two hundred sixty-six pound chicken standing next to him. When Arthur gets home he is met by an astonished family. The Bobowicz decide to let Arthur keep the chicken, now called Henrietta, as a pet. ("After all," his dad had said "Every boy should have a chicken"). Two days later however Henrietta escapes. The citizens of Hoboken do not understand Henrietta. Some think she is a viscous polar bear, or gorilla. One month later still no one is able to capture Henrietta. She starts breaking into restraunts to get potatoes. What will happen to Henrietta? What hilarious adventures will she set the town of Hoboken on?
The Author
Daniell Manus Pinkwater, is the
author of
The Hoboken Chicken
. I have read other
books Mr. Pinkwater wrote and
he tends to like writing stories full
of humor. In fact I even had trouble finding a nice, and serious picture of him, because all his pictures were very funny. He's a very funny person:
This story takes place in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Grace Townley
The Hoboken Chicken Emergency: A Report
My Favorite part
My favorite part of this story is when Arthur brings Henrietta home with him for the first time. It was Thanksgiving Day, and Arthur's family was expecting him to come home with a bird for their Thanksgiving feast. The Bobowiczs were very startled to find a two hundred sixty- six pound chicken on a leash and collar in there house.
The cover of my book
Hello my name is,
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