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2015 Welcome to Pollard: Rising Grade 7

No description

Tamatha Bibbo

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of 2015 Welcome to Pollard: Rising Grade 7

Pollard Middle School- Who are we?
Academic Programs
Guidance and Health Services
Extracurricular Activities
Transition Events and Important Dates
Tamatha Bibbo, Principal
Megan Bonomolo, Assistant Principal
Mark Levine, Assistant Principal
Dianne List, Administrative Assistant
Deb Negoshian and Gianna Giannacopoulos, Grade Level Secretaries.
Academics at Pollard
Image by Tom Mooring
Administrative Staff
Welcome to Pollard:
Rising Grade 7

Coordinator of METCO: Ms. Leslie Smart
ELA Curriculum Coordinator: Mr. Greg Hurray
Math Curriculum Coordinator: Ms. Tammy Ghizzoni
Science Curriculum Coordinator: Mr. Mark Healey
Special Education Coordinator: Ms. Marcy Beckerman-Cohen
Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator: TBD

K-12 Directors
Director of Fine & Performing Arts: Dr. David Neves
Director of Guidance: Mr. Tom Denton
Director of Health Services: Ms. Mimi Stamer
Director of Innovation & Technology: Ms. Deb Gammerman
Director of Literacy: Ms. Lisa Messina
Director of METCO: Dr. Joanne Allen-Willoughby
Director of Special Education PreK-8: Mr. Matt Ganas
Director of Wellness: Dr. Kathy Pinkham
Director of World Languages: Ms. Debbie Watters

Trimester system - 60 days in length
53 minute classes and 5 Clusters
Advisory period at start of every day
Two day rotation (A & B Day)
Students receive instruction in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies each day.
Students choose electives in all other departments to provide a program that is broad based.
Courses for grade 7
English, Math, Science, and Social Studies
Engineering Design
Concert Band/Strings Ensemble/Chorus OR Essentials Rotation 7 (3-D Art, Experiential Education, and Music Explorations)
Fine Arts - Arts 7
Learning Center
Computer Technology (CAD)
Wellness - Physical Education, Experiential Education, and Health
World Language - French or Spanish

Typical Day of a Grade 7 Student:
Doors Open 7:35 am
Period 1 (Essentials or Learning Center)
Period 2 (Essentials or Learning Center)
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5 (&Lunch)
Period 6
Student Dismissal 2:20pm
*After School Help 2:20-2:50 daily
After School Activities 2:50

* After School Help is offered on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Grade 7 FAQ's:
Busing Information - April 1 (Transportation Website) May 15 deadline in order to guarantee a seat

Lunches (Summer Mailing)

Snacks and Water

Locks and Cell Phones

Binders and School Supplies



After School Help
Guidance Counselors:
Mr. Jeremy Greenwood
Ms. Marissa Smith
Mr. Mark Yetman

Adjustment Counselors:
Ms. Kristen Gosselin
Ms. Carol Sargent

Our Staff
Roles and
Support students
Collaborate with teachers
Partner with parents

We are Pollard!
Projected Enrollment for SY 15-16:

Grade 7: 449

Grade 8: 405

Total: 854

New Math Program
At Pollard
Advisory at Pollard
Same student group all year.
SEL curriculum developed to
support students through their middle school years. Topics include, but are not limited to: resiliency, anti-bullying, leadership, identity, social media, respect, community building, and making healthy decisions.
Next year's focus: One School, One Book:
to provide:
Academic Support
Social/ Emotional Support
PowerSchool - Grades updated on 15th and 30th of each month.

Teacher email

Teacher websites


Cluster team meetings with parents at either teacher or parent request

Pollard parent Listserv

Pollard School Website

Contact Guidance Counselor, Assistant Principal(s) or Principal.

Pollard's Nurses
Ms. Rosemary Leone
Ms. Debbie Brennan

Communication Protocols

Physical Exam and Immunization Requirements

Mandatory Health Screenings

Field Trips
March 26 - April 7 - Students register online.

June 2, 8, 9, 10, and 11 - High Rock Clusters to Pollard.

End of July: Cluster letters sent home to parents.
Late August: Self-guided tours and (tours with guidance, Assistant Principal and/or Principal for new students).

September 2, 2015 - Opening Day
September 17, 2015 - Back to School Night
October 4, 2015 - Immunization and Physical Examination Deadline

Transition Events and Important Dates
The 5 B's
Be Safe
Be Here
Be Honest
Be Kind
Be Brave
Best Buddies, Homework Club, Social Justice League, School Newspaper, Ski Club, Debate Team, Jazz Band, Math Counts, Musical, Spring Play, Robotics, Student Council, Town Orchestra, and Treble Choir

After School Enrichment Classes
Typically on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 2:55 p.m. to 3:55 p.m.
Fall, Winter, and Spring offerings
Late Bus is available for students in NCE classes
FALL: Co-ed Cross Country; Girl's Field Hockey
WINTER: Boys and girls basketball
SPRING: Co-ed Track & Field; Girl's Softball; Ultimate Frisbee
Extra Curricular Activities
Program Changes


Our commitment:
1. Personalize learning experiences for our students.
2. Empower students and help them take ownership of their learning.
3. Teach digital citizenship skills for making appropriate choices online.
4. Provide robust resources and infrastructure to enable creativity, communication, collaboration, and high levels of achievement.
5. Enable teachers to transform the current instructional model to benefit all students.
Course Registration
Pathway 1:
compacted curriculum;
advanced work
at an
accelerated pace

Pathway 2:
what all students would have experienced in grade 7 (A-level math).
Pathway to Calculus...
Common assessments reviewed by a team of teachers and instructional leadership.
117 students /451 recommended for Pathway 1
A's on report cards
"Cusp" students
Selection and placement of students into accelerated opportunities must be done carefully in order to ensure future mathematical success.
Our team's goal: most appropriate pathway for optimum mathematical growth.
7th grade team will identify students whose placement should be revisited.
Students who need challenge in Pathway 2: re-assess students in the fall for possible move to Pathway 1 or completing challenge work in Pathway 2.

27% of students placed into “Pathway 1”
there were 11 overrides by parents
3/11 moved to Pathway 2 in the fall
5 of the remaining 8 did not qualify for 8th grade Algebra 1 (Pathway 1)
Class Average of Midyear Exam: 83%
Average of Override Students: 63%
Statistics from a like district:

Meet with Tammy Ghizzoni to discuss student scores.

Override form due by April 10.

Re-assessed by October 15; if child does not meet benchmark, he/she will be placed into recommended pathway.
Override Process
Placement and Process
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