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Napoleon Class Project

No description

Ashleigh O'Brien

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Class Project

Kayla Brady & Ashleigh O'Brien
period 3 A.) Plain Folk

This picture shows Napoleon as a "family man",
where the only thing that matters is for families to be happy.
YAY for Napoleon C.) Glittering Generalities

This shows Napoleon being nice and sharing the
power with a women
B.) Pinpointing the Enemy

This is a painting from someone who did not like Napoleon Analyzing a primary source;

A.) 1.People thought that Napoleon was a horrible leader.. due to the fact that he was shy and indessicive.
2. It does desciribe behavior. It shows the soft and cuddly side of Napoleon than as his normal in control self.
3. It tells the beliefs of someone who like the way Napoleon ruled, and of someone who was for Napoleon.
4. Some questions you can ask, could be dealing with your own thoughts of Napoleon based on the picture, or if you think the picture is how you pictured Napoleon.
5. Some questions you can not answer are how Napoleon ruled, or the rules he changed, etc.
6. This does not support other historians' interpretations. This photo is for Napoleon and most other historians' are against Napoleon and his rule.
B.) 1. This photo is very perspective. It shows that most people did not support the way Napoleon ruled. It shows the devil licking Napoleon as if he was dinner, because he sinned.
2. There are many different behaviors you could interpret from this picture. It could be that Napoleon was a horrible ruler or that he just was a sinner.
3. It shows that the "ordinary" people did not like Napoleon and that they were hoping he would be eaten alive.
4. Some questions you could ask could be, how does the people feel about Napoleon, or how you feel about Napoleon after seeing this cartoon, etc.
5. Some questions you could not ask, would deal with the time this picture was painted, or if this picture was reliable, etc.
6. Our interpreatation of this source does not fit with other historians'. C.) 1. This photo is not very perspective. It just shows how Napoleon trying to be a good ruler and crowning someone.
2. It describes the behavior of Napoleon, trying to be a good ruler instead of him not giving any power to the people.
3. It tells the beliefs of some ordinary people, but it is mostly against the people who do not like Napoleon
4. Some questions you could ask are; Who is Napoleon crowning,Where is the corwning taking place, etc.
5. Some questions that could not be asked are; who is everyone in the picture, why is the girl being crowned, etc.
6. Our interpretation of this photo is somewhat the same as historians' interpretations. We believe that Napoleon was doing the right thing in this picture! D.) Glittering Generalities;

This is a picture that was painted after the battle of Jena, in which Napoleon won!! D.) 1. This picture is very perspective. It shows Napoleon on a horse, as a leader, leading the armies into battle. In which they won.
2. It describes Napoleon's behavior. He was very determined to win more land in every battle that his army was in.
3. It shows actions of the "ordinary" people. No matter how much they dislike Napoleon, they will always defend him in battle because he is their leader.
4. Some historical questions that could be asked are; Where did this battle take place, Who were the generals in this battle, How many people were involved in this battle, how many people were injured or killed in this battle, etc.
5. Some questions this source will not help us answer are questions about the the country under the power of Napoleon, and things like that.
6. Our interpretation of this source was almost the same as some of the other historians' who interpretated this source.
E.) Glittering Generalities

This picture was painted to show how Napoleon was a great leader. E.) 1. This source is perspective. It tells what Napoleon did, during the war.
2. It describes Napoleon's behavior as a ruler, but also as a leader in all the battles he fought in with his army.
3. It does say what the elite people believed. They followed Napoleon because he was their leader. It was in an elite perspective.
4. Some historical questions that could be asked are; What is one of Napoleons' quotes in this source, When did this source take place, etc.
5. Some questions that can not be answered are questions about Napoleon's rule, questions about the elite people, etc.
6. Our interpretation of this source was somewhat different than some of the historians'. We decided that it was a great idea that the elite people are following their leader no matter what.
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