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No description

vicky bartolome

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Constitution

Small States Places For Government Where States Were Represents Equally.
The Branch Of Government That interprets Laws.
The Law Making Branch Of Government.
A Group Of People Named By Each State Legislature To Select the President And Vice President.
The First 10 Amendments To The Constitution.
Legeslative Branch
Executive Branch
Judicial Branch
Three-Fifths Compromise
Electoral College
Bill of Rights
New Jersey Plan
A Deatailed,Written Plan For Government
A Legestlature Consisting Of Two Parts Or Houses.
The Branch Of Government That Carries Out The Law
Agreement Providing That Enslaved Persons Would Count As Three-Fifths Of Other Persons in determing Representation In Congress.
Virginia Plan
Large States Plan For Government Where States Representatives where Based On Population.
Great Compromise
Agreement Providng A dual system Of Congressional Representation.
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