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50's fashion

No description

Ana Braga

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of 50's fashion

Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion economic prosperity Preppies neatness, tidiness and grooming Greasers working class, Italian-American, Hispanic-American Fashion Fashion Rockabilly Beatniks How clever is your inner beatnik? According to beatnik’s philosophy, the world is divided into two groups: 2-The Hips 1- The Squares a) Everyone who didn’t follow beatnik’s code b) Truth-seekers, searching for ultimate enlightenment (many times found in marijuana joint or even stronger) A fuzz is said to be a beatnik’s worst enemy. What is it? a) some kind of hipster
b) a cop
c) someone with a fancy job If you’re a beatnik and see a cop, it’s advisable to “beat the gravel”. What does that mean? a) run like crazy
b) hide yourself
c) try to be nice and polite 1- a)
2- b) 1- b)
"a cop" 2- a)
"run like crazy" 3- b)
"Let's get drunk" You hear a beatnik say: “ It’s Friday! Let’s get dixie fried!”. What does he mean? a) Let's go home and rest
b) Let´s get drunk
c) Let's hang out and have great fun With the end of World War II Europe was ruined Us experienced the "post-war economic boom" -Baby Boom
-Civil Rights Movement Society wanted stability and prosperity
a safe and peaceful life was prevalent men were seen as the breadwinners
women were supposed to stay at home doing the housework
taking care of the children Gender discrimination Good Wife's Guide- Do's and Don'ts You’ve just finished high school and your mum is always telling you that you’re already a big girl. Have you thought about having a future career? Medicine and research seem to be very exciting ones… You’re brave enough to choose to continue with your education and attend college. Would you prefer science or engineering class? You dream of managing your own money and buy your own things without asking for permission. Opening a bank account seems to be a good option? Well, there’s no such thing as “suitable jobs for women”, so be sure to keep thoughts like that far away. The simple idea of a woman even attending college is uncanny and paranormal. As a young woman, your main concern must be getting a proper husband and learn how to be a perfect housewife. Your preferences are irrelevant, since women aren’t taught mathematics or science, but home economics and cooking. And remember, educated women aren’t trusty and will always have troubles to find a proper husband. So be sure of your decision of attending college. Well, since women can have neither a bank account, nor money of their own, that’s not a very plausible option. Be sure to ask your husband for an increase in your dress allowance if you think isn’t enough for buying that fancy clothes. No way! Maintaining the house clean and taking care of the kids takes too much time and attention and cannot be combined with a career. A woman’s place is at home, and if boredom ever strikes you, remember that society invented sewing and quilt making clubs. That’s not very advisable. You’ll find that disagreeing with your husband is going to be a serious mistake. He had probably been at the pub for a beer or whisky before dinner, and must be very tired of all that hard work at the office. So please don’t greet him with problems or complains since, at the end of the day, all your monetary allowances depend on him. And if you ever think that your life is worthless, boring and subservient and the idea of a sexist society comes to your mind, be sure to go to bed and have a good rest. Leave those difficult issues for the decades to come. Staying home all day long is so tedious. You’re thinking in opening some sort of flower shop to occupy your time? It’s 10 p.m. and dinner is ready. You had prepared yourself, touched up your makeup, put a ribbon on your hair and you’re trying to be fresh looking for when your husband gets home. But, in spite of the very late hour, he hasn’t arrived yet. Would you complain that he is late for dinner when he finally comes home? the image of a perfect and conservative family was "sold" everywhere In the early 1950's music reflected the ideas of
a conservative white class enjoying the fruits of post-war
prosperity and success more leisure time more money to spend wanted to hear a more exciting kind of music Rhythm
& Blues was named "Rock and Roll" to hide its black origin record companies made cover
versions to SELL MORE Pat Boone Fast Domino Then, in 1952 Bill Haley & his Comets started playing a mixture of rythm & blues and country swing Elvis Presley things were about to change teenagers went "rock and roll" Ritchie Valens Jerry Lee Lewis Crazy influencing all the
decades to come Art Art Art Art Art Art “Art is either plagiarism or revolution.”
Paul Gauguin, painter “They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them
Andy Warhol Dance The Bop The Stroll Swing The Hand Jive The Madison The Cha Cha Rock n' Roll Little Richard Art Beat Generation Their literature was ... ... more straightforward ... bold .... expressive But this was understood
as mere provocation Literature See you later, austerity! no need of mending old clothes Clean,
Classic, Conservative Women Men plain fabrics corseted waists;

little shoulders;

full knee-length skirts. Circular poodle kirts;
Tight fitting blouses;
Scarves tied around
the neck. Tailoring;
Right fit. Mechanical jumpsuits White, rolled up sleeves, t-shirts Hair wax Can't forget! Flannel shirts Slim-cut jeans Waisted skirts Halter tops Daring Pin-ups Bright colors Dungarees Slim-fit suits Berets Goatee Black turtlenecks Black Capri pants All black look Teddy Boys Julies Casual Confortable Rolled up jeans Flat shoes Drapped jackets White shirts Brothel creepers Edwardian dandies capitalism ? ? ? ? materialism consumerism human spirit social equality New and
movement cultural literary Beat Generation stimulated by... jazz music use of drugs celebrated spontaneous creativity Baby Boom House Boom
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