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Remote Access Solution

miguel Pena Castro

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Bomgar!!

Interfaces Summary Full desktop sharing
Single Application sharing
Record visual portion of session
Session reporting
Summary e-mail generation
Easy to use interface
Reboot and reconnect
Windows Safe Mode support
Chat support Microsoft Easy Assist Functions and Features Config/Install What is Bomgar?? By
Jason Braden
Miguel Peña BOMGAR Microsoft Easy Assist Launchpad
Microsoft Easy Assist Console
Microsoft Easy Assist Live Meeting Manager Support Network Assesment
Installation, Configuration and Security Controls
Filover Setup and Automatic Back-up
Configuration with existing Security Authentication
Support Team Configuration
Public Support Portal Branding
Performance Data Collection
E-mail Notification
Customized Operations Manual
Live Demonstration Application Sharing
Bomgar Button
File Transfer
Multi-monitor Support
Multi-session Support
Remote Screenshot
Screen sharing
System Information
Training & Presentation
Intel vPro
Jump Technology
Jump Zone Proxy
Equilibrium (Load Balancing)
Identity Management Shell Jump
Access Sponsor
Elevate Customer Client
Rep Invite
Session Sharing & Transfer
Support Teams & Team Chat
URL/File Push
Apple iOS Configuration
Appliance Failover
Audit & Reporting
Bomgar Analytics
Bomgar Atlas Cluster Technology
LDAP / Active Directory
RADIUS / Kerberos Bomgar Button
Customer Feedback Surveys
Multi-Language Support
Session Recording Videos
Enterprise Integration Client
SNMP Monitoring
Software Development Kit [SDK]
Syslog Integration
Administrative Dashboard
Allocate/Reserve Licenses
Embassy (Vendor Access)
Portals (One portal/Multiple)
Smart Card Support How does is Work?? Architecture
Access Controls
Audit Architecture Centralized, Pre-Hardened Appliance
Strong Cryptography
FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certified Authentication Seamless Integration
Integrates with LDAP and AD
RADIUS for multi-factor authentication
Kerberos for single sign on
Smart Cards
CAC cards
Permissions and Password Policies
Individual Access Controls Internal Representative Access Controls
Customer Access Controls
Vendor Access Controls Audit Full Audit Trails
Video Recordings
Real-Time Management Oversight
Third Party Validation Bomgar
Comprehensive Hardware and Software Solution with tons of support features
Medium to Big company
Supports multiple OS
Supports mobile
Detailed auditing Easy Assist
Easy to use interface
Microsoft PCs
Basic auditing
Software only
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