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Belize Project

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Belize

Embassy of the
United States of America Languages Official Language:
Second Language:
Belizean Creole Belizean Politics Parliamentary Representative
Democratic Monarchy?
Constitutioal Monarchy

2 major political parties:
The People’s United Party (PUP)
The United Democratic Party (UDP)

Commonwealth of Nations
Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
The United Nations
Organization of American States
Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (SICA). Belizean Food US Ambassador to Belize Vinai Thummalapally '/ai mi ron/
I run (habitually); I ran
/ai di ron/
I am running
/ai mi di ron/
I was running
/ai mi ron/ or /Ai ɡaan ron/
I have run; I had run
/ai wa(n) ron/ or /ai ɡwein ron/
I am going to run; I will run Floral Park Road
Belmopan, Cayo

International: Dial 011 +
Phone: (501) 822-4011
Fax (501) 822-4012
Email: embbelize@state.gov
Website: http://belize.usembassy.gov

Office Hours:
Monday- Friday 8AM-12PM & 1PM-5PM
Emergencies Only (Afterhours): 011 + (501) 610 – 5030 50% Roman Catholic
29% Protestant
3.5% baptist
3.5% Methodist History of Belize Leaders in Power Prime Minister of Belize: Dean Barrow Governor General of Belize: Colville Young Marion Jones Evan X Hyde - Belizean writer and journalist
- Publishes and writes for the nation's largest newspaper, "The Amandala" POINTS OF INTEREST Barrier Reef and the Cayes Great Blue Hole San Pedro - Town on the island of Ambergris Caye
- Very popular for scuba diving
- Also known for the Ambergis Museum Travel Emergencies
What if... What if you are the victim of a crime? http://belize.usembassy.gov/emergency_messages.html Emergency Numbers
90 What if you have a health emergency? What if there is a hurricane? What if your passport is lost or stolen? http://www.noaa.gov/ Belize licensed medical providers: http://belize.usembassy.gov/medical_providers_page.html Belize air ambulances: http://belize.usembassy.gov/air_ambulance_page.html National Meteorological Service: (011) 501-225-2011 http://site.nemo.org.bz/ Major radio stations
Positive Vibes FM
WAVE Radio Flags British Honduras Belize Independence Flag National Flag Fun fact: Belize is the only country in the world to have a national flag depicting human beings! Established: 1980
Blue, white and red Coat of Arms Timber economy
Mahogany Tree National Tree Mahogany Tree National Bird Kill Billed Toucan
Known for its bright feathers
Frog like croak National Flower Black Orchid National Animal Tapir
Endangered M
S World Map Western Hemisphere North America Central America Physical Features Size: 22,966 sq km
*Slightly smaller than MA* Fun Fact: Belize is the only Central American country without a coastline on the Pacific Ocean Maya Mountains Doyles Delight Belize Barrier Reef Belize Cayes Rivers: Belize River
Siburn River -Began July 24th,2009
-appointed by the president
-originally from India RELIGION Religious practice in public schooling
Religious freedom widely accepted
Majority of Christian holidays are celebrated Strong Christian Presence Belize and the Maya History - Prime minister since Feburary 2008
- Leader of United Democratic Party
- Won elections in 2008 and 2012
- First black Prime Minister of Belize - Also the patron of the Scout Association of Belize
- Appointed governor general in 1993, taking office on November 17th
- Interested in promoting the development of Belizean music
- One of founding members of the liberal party
- A short lived polotical party that eventually became part of the UDP Famous People and Contributions Jamaal Barrow (Shyne) - Rapper born in Belize City
- Son of Prime Minster, Dean Barrow
- Been rapping since 1996 - U.S. Olympic runner who holds dual citizenship with both the U.S. and Belize
- Mother is Belizean
- Won 5 medals in the 2000 Sydney Olympic games
- Competed in the 100m, 200m, and the long jump
- Forfeited all her medals after admitting to performance enhanching drugs George Gabb - Belizean artist, sculptor, and writer who died in 2007
- Educated no further than primary school
- Most famous sculpture is "The Sleeping Giant"
- Appears on Belizean currency and passports - Principal tourist attraction
- World's second longest to Australia's Great Barrier Reef
- Ridges of the reef are called cayes (pronounced keys)
- 200 plus islets and cayes sit either directly on or just off the reef
- Diving in water, putter around island on golf carts, casinos - Large submarine sinkhole
- Over 300m (984ft) across and 124m (407ft) deep
- Part of the Barrier Reef
- Located off Ambergis Caye, one of the two largest on the reef La Ruta Maya - "The route of the Maya"
- Begins north of Belize City
- 170 miles of river racing Altun Ha - Most accessible Mayan center
- The National Symbol of Belize was found here
- The head of the sun god carved in jade From Tallahassee to Belize Campus to the airport- 20$
A round trip plane ticket- $770.00 Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Arrive in Belize City
Total travel time: Approx 7.5 hours Stay in Seaside Guesthouse in Belize City What to Pack: Comfortable walking shoes
Light hat
Basic shirts/pants/shorts
Passport and Camera
Money Presence of other religions:
mennonites, hindu, morman, Currency Districts Total Population: 327, 719 Corozal: Population: 35,00
District Capital: Corozal Town
Spanish Speaking
Sugar cane
Mayan ruins Orange Walk Population: 48,000
District Capital: Orange Walk City
"Sugar City"
Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area Ethnic Groups Mestizo 48.7%
Creole 24.9% Maya 10.6%
Garifuna 6.1% Other 9.7% Belize Distrct Population: 100,100
District Capital: Belize City
Includes Cayes Cayo Population: 53,715
District Capital: San Igacio
Nation Capital: Belmopan
Grand Mayan Ruins
Universities Stann Creek Population: 26,6555
Stann = "Safe haven"
District Capital: Dangriga
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Jaguar Preserve
Great Blue Hole Toledo Population: 23,815
District Capital: Punta Gorda
"Forgotten District"
Growing Tourism Climate Sub tropical climate
High humidity
50°F to 95° F
Rains at least over 100 days per year Dry season
Wet Season
May-November Best time to visit!! Hurricanes Hurricane Season:
June 1 - November 30 National Holidays National Heroes and Benefactors Day Commonwealth Day Since 1978, for every
1 BZD the exchange
is 2 USD. Banks Central Bank of Belize Belize has 3 national
banks and 2 international banks. Communications
& Technology Adapters Peak Hours: 6AM-7:59PM
Off-Peak: 8PM-5:59AM B Plug-110V G Plug-220V Celebrations San Pedro Carnival
February 9-13 www.battleofthedrums.org St. Peter Dia de
San Pedro Music Kriol- Brukdown
Garifuna- Punta Pop Music
Sweet Belize by Lova Boy Andy Palacio Wilfred Peters St. George's Caye Day Independence Day Pan American Day Garifuna Settlement Day Christmas Boxing Day Half Moon Caye -First nature reserve to be established under the National Parks System Act of 1981
-Home to one of only two colonies of Red-Footed Booby birds
-Breeding ground for Loggeread and Hawksbill turtles
-Favorite spot for snorkelers with an abundance of coral reefs
-Just minutes away from the Blue Hole Xunantunich Site _Xunantunich="maiden of the rock" or "stone lady"
-Has largest temple in Belize; 130 ft tall
-Located in Cayo district in Western Belize
-Abandoned in 10th century after intense earthquake Lets Learn Some Creole Endangered Languages:
-Mopan Maya - 9%
-Garifuna - 3%
-Plautdietsch - 3% Belizean Politics Mayan Dress Creole Dress Garifuna Modern Clothes Traditional Dress Before you Leave.... *Passport
cdc.gov Time Zone: EST-1 or GMT-6 To Make a Phone Call: USA TO BELIZE 011-501-XXX-XXXX USA
CODE AREA CODE PHONE NUMBER 00-1-(850)-555-3344 Punta/Punta Rock Pen Cayetano Supa G Lova Boy 1000 B.C. -- The Maya moved into Belize, and their civilization flourished here until about A.D. 1000. Little is known about Belize from that time until explorers reach the coastal areas in the 1500s 1638 Shipwrecked British sailors establihsed the first European settlement and gradually gained control of the country 1700-1710 - First African slaves brought to Belize for the timber cutting industry
- A combination of African and European ethnicity was the origin of Belize's Creole population 1783 Treaty of Paris confirms Britain's right to conduct logging in Belize 1838 SLAVERY IS OUTLAWED, BUT THE BLACK POPULATION IS STILL SUBJECT TO RESTRICTIONS 1862 Belize formally becomes a British colony, "British Honduras," while the U.S. was in Civil War 1919 "The Ex-Serviceman's Riot:" the start of the Belizean independent movement 1973 1981 Capital moved from Belize City to Belmopan because of hurricane threat British Honduras becomes independent nation of Belize "The most remarkable reef in the West Indies" - Charles Darwin, 1842 The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary - Wildlife reserve in northern Belize
- Mostly wetlands and ideal home for birds
- Best to visit in any time during dry season The Maya Mountains - Located in southwestern Belize
- Mostly covered by rain forests
- Higher altitude makes the humidity more bearable Chiquibul Caves - Central America's largest cave system
- Best time to explore is March-May
- Maya believed caves were entrances to the Underworld ENTERTAINMENT NOT TO MISS - The basics
- Main theater in Belize City
- "The Chicken Drop" in San Pedro You better BELIZE it! BELIZE BEWARE!!! -Avoid Belize City if possible--6th highest murder rate in the world cetered around drus and gangs -Boaters Nightmare--hire a captain to navigate vessel
-Minimum $2,000 fine per sq. meter of reef damage -Smuggler's dream--huge black market for illegally harvested orchids and animals, especially exotic birds and monkeys Economy -Small, essentially private enterprise economy based on:

-Agriculture: citrus, sugar, and bananas, and seafood

-Tourism: primarily eco tourism, # 1 foreign exchange earner

-Oil: number one export

-Textile: fast growing garment industry Belizian Government Legistlative Executive Judicial Head of State Queen Elizabeth Governor General Colville YoungPrime MinsterDean Oliver Barrow House of Representatives - 31

Senate - 12 Supreme courtCourt of appealsThe privy councilMagistrate Court Christmas Garifuna
Settlement Day Dia de San Pedro Rice
Fruits GungudeErebaBundiga Hudut Potato Salad
Black Fruitcake
White Relleno
Rumpopo Terms
“Drinking Tea”

Cashew wine
Ginger beer
Seaweed Cocktail Staple Foods Johnnycakes Rice & BeansGarnachasPanadasBoil UpsSeafoodTropical Fruits NAtional Product Exports BEWARE!!! Malaria: prevelent in nearly all districts
-take perscription antimalarial drug
-insect repellent, long pants, and sleeves
-sleep in AC or well-screened room and use bed nets treated with permethrin

Dengue: concentrated in Belize City and spread by mosquitos
-Characterized by headache, exhaustion, joint and muscle pain, swollen glands , and rash
-There is no known cure or treatment
*use tons of bug repellent, they are day-biting mosquitos Mayan City of Lamanai -Lamanai="submerged crocodile"
-Located deep in the rainforest, one of the longest occupied sites in Mayan history
-Situated in Orange Walk District, and showcases 111 foot tall pyramid
-Requires 26-mile boat ride up the New River and is the third largest archaeological site in Belize 26-Mile Boat Ride to Lamanai Some things you may come across:
-Birds: Roseate spoonbill, sun grebe,long-tailed hermit humingbird, and long-necked anhinga

-A variety of flora and fauna including different types of rare orchids

-Growing population of howler monkeys War History -Inhabited by Mayans from 1500BC till around 1600's
-First European to arrive was Gonzalo Guerrero from Spain in 1511
-British arrived in 1655 and began colonizing Belize with the Spanish
-1600's to 1798 was marked by incursions by various pirate groups

-September 3-30, 1798--Battle of St. George's Caye Campus Travel Options Tropic Air Bus System Philip Goldson Airport Business Protocol
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