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what is this App?

No description

jessie mueller

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of what is this App?

By: Jessie Mueller
Pandora Radio
This is an app that can let you listen diverse variety of music and discover new music.
what is this App?
This is used to listen to music of your taste for free as well as different music you may not have listened to before.

What is this app used for?
I use this app to jam out to my favorite song or to relax. I also use it to pump me up while doing homework.
How do I use this app?
numerous stations
thumbs up or down so the app can fit to tastes
the ability to create your own station
they have music from all eras and diversities
Use for this app and favorite part
Other uses for this app include :
background music
you can learn the lyrics to songs
you can read the history of the artist of the song your listening to
History and Extras
Pandora means "all gifted" in greek . Pandora started in 2004 by the Tim Westergren. He started a company focused on decoding music which he called The Genome Music Project started in 2000. Every song is analyzed by a musicologist. The musicologists then rate over 400 factors about every song.
My favorite part about Pandora is that I can listen to any music anywhere.
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