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Solving 3.5 A

No description

Allison Bowers

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Solving 3.5 A

Word Problem Practice
Mnemonic Device
Exit ticket
Today's focus
Steppin' in the name of Math
Words/ concepts special education students struggle with


Teachers will:

1) Understand how to differentiate instruction for all learning styles.
2) Design lessons using Specifically Designed Instruction.
3) Structure lessons that include all students and encourages participation.


3.5 A
Represent one and two-step problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers to 1,000 using pictorial models, number lines, and equations
(RC2: Readiness)
Directions: Solve the word problems using CUBES

1. Larry had 48 pieces of candy. He gave 19 pieces to his friends. How many pieces of candy did Larry have left?
Exit Ticket
Directions: Answer the following on the back of your worksheet.

Describe a math word that you learned today and what it means.


How could you change your math problem into subtraction?
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