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No description

Logan Reynolds

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of psychologest

psychologists... by Logan Reynolds Nature of the work formulate theorys and hypothoses
they observe assess and experiment with behavior, reactions, mental disorders, ectcetra
reasearch in psycology seeks to understand and explain thought,emotion and behavior
advise how people may deal with and fix problems during everyday life
clinical psychology specializations are health psychology, neuropsychology, geropsychology, and child psychology significant points About 34% of psychologists are self-employed Acceptance to graduate psychology programs is highly competitive Training, other Qualifications and
Advancment Required a bachelor degree (although its better if you have a Ph.D) 5 years of full time graduate study better to have a year of supervised expirience )for example like an intership with another psychologest Job Outlook People with higher degrees will have better job opprotunities
The employment of psychologists will continue to grow at its average rate
the psychology buisness is highly competitive Average Yearly Salary Types of psycologists:
Offices of other health practitioners-$68,400
Elementary and secondary school psychology-$65,710
State government psychology-$63,710
Outpatient care center psychology-$59,130
Individual and family service psychology-$57,440 Related Occupations clergy
social worker Personal Strengths And Weaknesses For This Job Strengths:
I love helping people and seeing them go from sad or broken to fixed happy and renewed or releived from their pain
I have had expirience with helping people with problems before and am acctually quite a good counceler i am told...
If i were to go into reasearching i have often wondered how the human brain thinks and how we make decicions the way we do.
I would get very bored sitting around all day doing like nothing with no phisical activitys Two Colleges that offer this Program Western Michigan University
University of Michigan
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