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/Project Lit/

No description

gs students

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of /Project Lit/

6 million were executed
But How??
Most of the popuation was seperated into occupied transit camps, as you may or may not know, and others were gassed or slaughtered by flame immediately. Some ethniticities were brought to killing centers in ghettos.
They believed the Jews were an obstruction to Aryan dominance, therefore, criminals, hostile, threatning, and inferior. However this was not the case at this time, Hitler wanted to prevent anything previous like from happening again. Wars, etc.
The Germans targeted the
to be executed intially on the spot
anyone else was executed or imprisoned.
The people/prisoners/civilians had to go through labor, neglect, aand endless work just to hope to survive another few days, even another few hours; most died
the neglect, labor, disease, and maltreatmeant, they went throught physical , and emotianal exhaustion, physical and verbal aggression, and starvation.
/Project Lit/Holocaust/1942/

This was only the Jewish population, as many other races and ethnicities were slaughtered in the process, however the
were the
The holocaust is an unforgettable tragedy, that should be remembered by all, Even though Hitler may have had his facts incorrect, This won't happen again.
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