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Climate change

No description

angelina warner

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate change

Double click anywhere & add an idea There are two types of greenhouses man-made and natural. Man-made is by use natural is by earth. climate change is the long
term average of a regions weather
events lumped together. Animals are in danger
because of the climate
change. The earth is getting
colder and warmer and the
animals can't live through that. Humans are also in
danger because of
climate change. The
world is getting way
to hot for us. If it
gets any hotter we could
be in more danger. The extiction of
animals is getting
really big. The animals
are going extinct every
moment. We have to do
something to save them
before they are all gone. Temperater gets
higher. Baby animals are
in danger because
of the temperater
that gets higher. The ways to
get the world
better are
-get a bike
-use less gas
-DON'T LITTER more than one hundred animals die each year because of the earth climate.there are so many animals going extinct that if we don't act fast they are all going to be gone. if we do all these then we
could save the earth. thank you for watching. Written By Angelina And Ashley
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