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justin lewis

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Final

justin lewis
period 5

Assassination of President McKinley
25th president of the United States
was shot and fatally wounded Sep 6, 1901
leon czolgosz, an anarchist, was the man who pulled the trigger
"Bloody Sunday"
russian revolution began Jan 22, 1905
unarmed protesters were gunned down
they were going to present a petition Tsar Nicholas ll
Rules of War
July 28, 1914 was the day that it started
more than 9 million people were killed
lasted until Nov. 11, 1918
Pearl Harbor
Japanese Naval attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
attacked occurred Dec. 7, 1941
over 2000 military men were killed in the attack
invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944
this was the largest seaborne invasion in history
it helped contribute to an allied victory in the war
Suicide of Hitler
Hitler was the leader of the German Holocaust
he killed thousands of jews in his lifetime
he shot himself on April 30, 1945
Great Smog
sever air-pollution problem in 1952
Europe's air was extremely bad
caused the death of 4000 people
Joseph Stalin Dies
he was the General Secretary of the Bolsheviks
born Dec. 18, 1878
he died March 5, 1953
these were established at the second Hague Conference
they were made to lower the violence and destruction of war
this did not work if you look at later history
Chinese Revolution
it was a nationalist democrat revolt
it overthrew the Qing Dynasty
this in turn created a republic
Archduke Ferdinand Assassinated
the archduke and his wife were visiting Sarajevo
they were both shot dead
the man who killed them was Gavrilo Princip
Hitler in Jail
Hitler was put in jail after his first attempt to take over Germany
while he was in jail, he wrote a book called the Mein Kampf
it was first published in 1925
St. Valentines Day Massacre
in 1929, there were two gangs, one led by AL Capone, the other led by Bugs Moran
they both wanted control of the organized crime in Chicago
but, one day, 7 members of the mob were killed in the St. Valentines Day Massacre
First Nazi Concentration Camp
it's name was Dachau
it was opened in 1933 by Heinrich Himmler
there were about 32,000 recorded deaths at this camp
The Dust Bowl
this was a time period when the US' economy was being damaged
there were just so many dust storms in the prairies
this was caused by the continuous disturbance of the top soil of these massive prairies
Nuremberg Laws
created in 1935
these were anti-jewish laws past to give the nazi's more and more power
but the nazi's inability to tell whether someone was a jew helped many escape
this was a terrorist attack on the US by Al Qaeda
four planes were hijacked, two crashed into the Twin Towers in New York, New York
on of the others hit the Pentagon and the last crashed somewhere in Pennsilvania
Osama Killed
on March 1, 2011 Operation Neptune Spear was launched
Navy Seal Team 6 was sent to a compund where Osama was living
they infiltrated the compound and were able to locate and kill him
Haiti Earthquake
on Jan 12, 2010, an earthquake struck Haiti
this earthquake was of a 7.0 magnitude
it caused an absolutely massive amount of damage and took a lot of lives
Japan Tsunami of 2011
an earthquake off the coast of Tohoku caused a massive tsunami to spawn
this tsunami caused damage all along the eastern coast of Japan
it killed over 15 thousand people
Berlin Wall Built
it was built in 1961, started on August 13
was made to cut off East Berlin
referred to as the "anti-Fascist Protection Rampart"
Cuban Missile Crisis
in 1962, America found missiles in Cuba that went against what they agreed about missiles
in response we put up a blockade around Cuba until they got rid of the missiles
it ended later that year
JFK Assassinated
John F Kennedy was the 35 president of the United States
on Nov 22, 1963, he was riding in a car through Dallas Texas
he was waving to the crowd when he was shot in the head and killed
Munich Olympic Games Attack
an attack on the 1972 Olympic Summer games
the group known as black september took 11 Israely people hostage
they were all eventually killed in this event later named th "Munich Massacre"
Jonestown Massacre
in 1978, a project called Jonestown was started
but the project was stopped because of the death of over 900 people at the settlement
it was apparently cyanide poisoning suicide
Three Mile Island Accident
a Partial Nuclear Meltdown on March 28, 1979
it occurred in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
it was deamed one of the worst nuclear events in history
this event occurred on April 26, 1986
an explosion and fire released a very large amount of radiation into the surrounding area
the effort to stop an even greater disaster cost around 18 billion rubles
Reagan Assassination Atempt
on March 30, 1981, someone attempted to kill U.S. president Ronald Reagan
John Hinkley Jr. was the man who attacked the president
he ended up shooting him, and several other people who were around him
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Nov 9, 1989, the wall was demolished
the wall was not torn down all at once
over time people came with sledge hammers and hammers, and chipped away at the wall to take souvenirs
Sheep was Cloned
a domestic sheep, Dolly, was the first animal to be cloned
the process of nuclear transfer cloned her genes from the mammary gland
she died on Feb 14, 2003
Clinton Impeached
bill clinton was the 2nd president of the united States
the Lewinsky scandal was what started the process of his impeachment
he was charged with pergury and obstruction of justice
JFK Jr. Dies
July 16, 1999, he was flying his plane with his wife and sister to a wedding
when their plane didn't arrive at it's destination a search was started
they were never found so the search was called and and they were considered dead
Indonesia Bombing
on Oct 12, 2002, the town of Kuta in Bali was attacked
three bombs went off including a backpack bomb and a car bomb
202 people were killed in this attack
Death of Saddam Hussein
Hussein was the fifth president of Iraq
he played a key role in the 17 July Rebellion
he was hanged on Dec 30, 2006
Korean War Begins
Lasted from June 1950 to July 1953
this was a war between North Korea an South Korea
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