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Submiting a Site to Search

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MaryAnn Aschenbrenner

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Submiting a Site to Search

How to access your site's analytics on
Google, Bing and WordPress

Submitting a Site to Search
Search Engines rely on backlinks to find new websites (reputable backlinks, that is.)
These are the steps to submit a site to Google and Bing to be found and analyzed

1) Create a Google Analytics Account
2) Go to Admin and Create new account
Get Found
3) Insert the website name and url (including http://)
4) Get Tracking ID
Add Your New Account
4) Accept the terms of service
5) Copy the actual code
Tracking Codes are, well, code.
6) Add a plugin called: Insert Headers and Footers
Meanwhile, back on the website ...
7) Using the plugin, insert the your
tracking code into the header of your website.
Meanwhile, back
in Google Analytics ...
8) Link Webmaster Tools and Enable Demographics
Right After and Awhile Later ...
Check out your analytics!
Bing Time!
1) Insert your new url, include http:// and click ADD.
2) Add a sitemap ...
Back on the website ... SEO plugin ... create a sitemap
Bing steps include a sitemap!
3) Copy the link for the sitemap
4) Back on Bing ... insert the link!
5) Verify your site ownership!
Copy code from Bing and insert it into SEO plugin
Select Verify on Bing
Once verified website Home Page will show on Bing.
Jetpack options include a graph in the website header when you are logged in!
Jetpack includes a breakdown of daily website users.
Find which search terms are bringing your customers to your website ...
Find out which online referrals are benefiting you the most ...
Individual page analytics are also included in Jetpack!
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