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Spanish Project


Tyger Bottenfield

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Spanish Project

Musica Libros Comida Artesanias Class Sales Cafe tabuca - "Sino" Mana - "Amar es combatir" enanitos verdes - "en vivo" Chino y Nacho - "Mi Nina bonita" tetilla cheese Chorizos caseros sausage yema nevada cookies gaspacho andaluz soup 2 pounds for 30 dollars Very Tasty Popular food Very popular Pop-Rock 12.97 per album - Sell for 15.00 Everyone loves cookies!!! 68 cents each - sell for dollar each Easy to sell Cheap and adds to our variety of food 9 dollars for 23 fluid oz. - sell for 12 dollars soup taste good. mmmm... 2 pounds for 20 dollars - sell for 25 dollars Something different than cheese we're used to Album is 9.99 - sell for 15 Fits in the Rock genre Had High ratings Fits rock genre Album is 12.99 sell for 15 Has high ratings Fits Hip-Hop genre Album is 5.99 - sell for 10 Sino - By Cafe Tacuba Chino y Nacho's "Mi Nina Bonita" Yema Nevada Cookies!
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