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summer palace prezi

No description

josh dornath

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of summer palace prezi

Summer palace and Imperial Garden
By Josh dornath
China, A brief description
China's geography is smooth and in some places hilly
Population: Over 1 billion
Economy:Overall, China is a wealthy country and has a lot of imported goods
Beijing is where the Summer Palace and Imperial Garden are so here is a brief description.
Founder: Emperor Yang
timeline:(go to next slide)
Beijing is China's capital city
Time Used Name Event
1045BC (Western Zhou) Jin Cit Pioneer city of China
226BC (Qin Dynasty) Jin City Emperor Qin attacked Jin successfully
581-618 (Sui Dynasty) Zhuo Shire Population over 130,000
618-907 (Tang Dynasty) Youzhou Military center and business center
916-1125 (Liao Dynasty) Nanjing As accompanying capital (now in Xicheng District)
1153 (Jin Dynasty) Zhongdu Occupied by a minority group in northeast China
1215 (Yuan Dynasty) Yanjing Occupied by Mongolia leader Genghis khan
1272 (Yuan Dynasty) Dadu As capital city of a united country for the first time
1368 (Ming Dynasty) Beiping Ming Dynasty established
1403 (Ming Dynasty) Beijing Emperor Yongle changed the name to Beijing
1406 (Ming Dynasty) Beijing Began to built Forbidden City
1421 (Ming Dynasty) Beijing Move to new site (now in City center)
1564 (Ming Dynasty) Beijing Central part of the city now has formed
1644 (Qing Dynasty) Beijing Qing Dynasty established
1860 (Qing Dynasty) Beijing Yuanmingyuan was burnt down by invaders
1900 (Qing Dynasty) Beijing Eight-nation Allied Forces occupied Beijing
1912 (Qing Dynasty) Beijing Last emperor Puyi was forced to abdicate the crown
1937 Beijing War of Resistance against Japan broke out
1945 Beiping Civil war between two fictions broke out
1949 Beijing The People's Republic of China was founded

2008 Olympic Games
Choice of site of World Heritage Site
The summer palace was built because it was a summer home for the emperor.
It was made as a birthday gift for the emperors mother.
It was made in Beijing because Beijing was the holiest city back then.
Here is a short video
Fun facts
2 thirds of the area is water
In 1860 and 1900 it was destroyed and then rebuilt
It is the best preserved garden in the world
The summer palace is divided into 3 groups: the administrative area, residential area and scenic area.
The summer palace is the largest and most complete imperial garden existing in China.

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