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1984, Brave New World, and Island

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Transcript of 1984, Brave New World, and Island

INDIVIDUALITY It seems to be an unattainable goal for a governing body to impose equality with society, because it conflicts with us as an individualistic race. SETTING EQUALITY CHARACTER THEME COMPARISONS CONTRASTS Views on Sex, Relationship, and Proximity Levels Lack of Mobility Rights Rebellious Behavior Consequences for their Actions and Thoughts Education and Children Betrayal and Confessions Up with Technology and Science Motivation from Lovers False Utopia ONE SINGLE MARKET Religion beliefs Albert Laurent: I guess just you and God. That's the answer you're looking for, isn't it? Jordan Two Delta: You’re klling me with your questions THE ISLAND Lincoln Six Echo: People will do anything to survive. I wanna live and I don't care how. Lincoln Six Echo: Jordan, there *is* no island! Brave new world McCord: You're not real. You're copies of people out here in the world. Jordan Two Delta: I want to go to the island! Lincoln Six Echo: We will tell everyone the truth Security Officer: Watch your proximity! McCord: The life you thought you had... it never happened. You're not real. You're copies of people out here in the world.
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