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Violent Video Games

No description

Aleks Starostka

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Violent Video Games

Violent Video Games: A Cause of real world violence? The Rating System E for everyone T for teen M for mature Great at showing what's violent! Not so great Violent games can cause players to be
aggressive and even commit violent acts. Violent Games Alter Brain activity. Dorsal Anterior Cingulated Cortex (dAAC) activity increases
Rostral Anterior Cingulated Cortex (rAAC) activity decreases Desencitizes players to violence. The experimen: monitor p300 brain waves in test subjects The results are in! A deadly combo... Video games can teach! often use good teaching strageties. But they're teaching the wong things! And now "video games motivate learners to persever in learning and mastering skills to navigate through complex problems and changing enviroments -- just like good teachers do."
~Douglas Gentile. Then... Video Games Could help Improve society...
If Violence is taken out of the equation
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