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Interview Etiquettes

No description

Lorain Maria

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Interview Etiquettes

Listen carefully.....
-Answer back TO the point. Do not say more, or less,
-DONOT beat around the bush.
Understand what your employer wants to know
-why did u leave your previous job [if you had any]
-why should this particular company take you in?
-Do you have the skills that they are looking for?
-How much are you worth?
Interview Etiquette
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
-Research the company
-Know your resume (prepare it according to the job description given)
-Questions to ask the interviewers
Know your basics....
-What to take with you
-What to wear
-Hygiene:breath, cologne, cigarette, smell etc
-When to arrive [at-least 10 min early than the time given]
-Most important =first impression
-Body language =handshake, eye contact, posture
Always anticipate
*NEVER go unprepared for an interview. Practice your lines. Try out mock interviews
*DONOT show negative attitude
*AVOID rudeness, criticizing other candidates or gossiping
-objections or rapid fire questions [especially if you stumble, stutter or show any kind of sudden panic at a question]
-Questions like
=can you think of a time when...
=about yourself
=prior jobs/previous boss
=how well you take up responsibility [explain further(maybe)]
By: Lorain Maria Manoj
Reference List:
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