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Troy 30c Prezi

No description

Anne Kasa

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Troy 30c Prezi

Daily tools to enhance routines and expectations.
Edmodo is a platform that provides a safe way for students to connect with their teacher and each other. Here, they can collaborate, provide and accept feedback, and show their thinking and understanding.
"Technology must support effective teaching strategies."
Sonny Magana,
Associate Vice President of Marzano Research Laboratory
Back Channels
Have you ever been in a meeting where you heard something and just had to comment on the topic?
What lies beneath the tip of the ed tech iceberg?
Technology, when used correctly, can enhance routines, content, response/feedback rates, assessment and much more.
Please go to www.edmodo.com
click on I am a student
use this group number yiwj0i
create a user name to log in
take the quiz then answer the poll question
Did you turn to the person next to you with your comment, or did you wait until the end of the presentation to make your comment?
Please join me on our very own back channel by going to http://todaysmeet.com/DIInterview
Some examples of content enhancement tools.
Evernote can be used to create and keep digital notebooks
We should use technology to help students record and
represent their knowledge.
Animoto can be used to put pictures in motion
How great would it be if we could record our lessons for future review, or to send home to an absent student?
Educreation will allow for us to do just that!
So many tools, so little time.
There's an app for that too! here is a great tool to use as an exit slip, a mid lesson check in, or to gauge student feelings about a topic.
This is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey.
Using the appropriate technology allows students to produce knowledge and demonstrate their own understanding.
It provides opportunities for collaboration.
We are preparing students for future learning problems they will tackle in college and in their careers.
Thank you for meeting with me today.
I look forward to future conversations and interactions with you, and other members of Troy School District.
Let's get "Googleized".
The Google wave is approaching the field of education, and it looks like a great one to ride.
Chrome Books are completely web based computing, and students are loving the technology.
Google tools are coming and offering great alternatives to Microsoft Office with Google Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, and Forms.
There is more to Google than G-mail and YouTube.
Skitch is used as an annotative tool for students. http://evernote.com/skitch/
Enhance book recomendations.
There are several animation apps for students to use to create cartoons, movies and give short presentations.
Some examples are:
Sock Puppets
Smart Boards
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