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Jonas's Father brings a baby home from the nurturing center

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the brave little tosater

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Jonas's Father brings a baby home from the nurturing center

By:Alex Cortez
The Giver: Top 10 Events
Jonas's Father brings a baby home from the nurturing center to take extra care of it. Although he was not supposed to know this, Jonas's father says that the baby's name is Gabriel. When Gabriel first arrives Jonas starts to ignore him, but he develops a special relationship with Gabe later on.
Gabriel is brought to the Family
At first, Jonas's named was skipped in the ceremony of twelve. After worrying about this ceremony for months, Jonas thought that there must be some mistake. However, this was not possible. The Elders never made mistakes. After the rest of the names were called, Jonas was called on stage and told that he was to be the receiver. The Elders said that Jonas had received a great honor, and that he was chosen for his ability to see beyond. Finally, Jonas learned that he would endure great pain.
Jonas is chosen to be the Reciever
Previous to this discovery, Jonas and the rest of his community had seen in Black and White. They did not know what color was. Jonas sees red in the memory of war, the apple, Fiona's hair, on the sled, and in some books. Later on, Jonas will be able to see all the colors while his friends can't enjoy the beauty of things. Jonas tries to teach Asher how to see color, but it doesn't work.
Jonas learns that he is seeing the color red
Jonas and Gabe escape the community and have a long journey to elsewhere. Occasionally they have to hide under brush from planes, and Gabe learns how to say plane to alert Jonas. To travel, Jonas had stolen his dad's bike because it had a baby eat attached. Also, it starts to snow while Jonas and gabe are traveling, and Jonas must think of warm memories for himself and Gabe. finally, Jonas sees a sled. He rides down with Gabe on his lap, and knows that he had reached Elsewhere.
Jonas and Gabe Travel and Reach Elsewhere
Jonas Volunteers at the house of old.
When Jonas volunteers at the house of old, he talks to one of the women about another elder's releasing. Jonas says how he wishes he could have seen the releasing. Also, when Jonas sees the bicycles outside the house of old, the character Fiona is Introduced.
Jonas reads his instructions
After the ceremony of twelve, Jonas gets home and receives his instructions. These instructions tell him the rules that he must follow to be the receiver. Some of the rules alarm Jonas, like the rule about being able to lie. Jonas did not think he would need to lie, but it made him wonder if his parents had ever lied. Jonas was also upset that his job hours gave him no time for recreational activity.
Jonas Meets the Giver
When Jonas goes to his first session with the Giver, he learns that rules don't apply to the Giver. His door can be locked, he can turn off his speaker, and the Giver can read more books than the few books allowed in regular people's houses. On Jonas's first visit, he also receives the memory of the sled and snow. This memory is important to the plot of the book. At one of his sessions Jonas asks about the previous receiver, and learns her name is Rosemary.
Jonas is playing with an Apple
When Jonas goes with Asher to the recreational facility, they pick up an apple and play toss with it. While they are playing, Jonas notices something strange about the apple. For an instant, the apple had changed. Asher did not see the change, but Jonas had. After playing, Jonas took the apple home to study it, it had to be returned after an announcement singled him out.
Jonas Views Releasing
When Jonas is at a session with the Giver, he says that he wishes he could see releasing. The Giver says that he can, and shows Jonas the tape of his father releasing one twin. Jonas thought that his father would bundle the baby up and send it off, but his dad killed the baby with an injection. Now, Jonas learns that a releasing is killing, and he doesn't want to go home. The Giver lets him stay, and they make a plan to give everyone memories. Jonas also learns that Rosemary applied for releasing, and put the needle in her own arm. He also is told that Rosemary was the Giver's daughter.
Gabe is going to be released
The next night when Jonas gets home, he finds out that Gabe is going to be released. Jonas had been secretly giving Gabe good memories to help him sleep. They had a special connection, and he couldn't allow Gabe to die. That night, Jonas runs away with Gabe to try and reach elsewhere.
Thanks for Watching !
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