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The Gawler Foundation

Nearly Done's Social Media Strategy

Vijithan Selvachandran

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Gawler Foundation

Nearly Done's Social Media Strategy Creating a social media presence to increase brand recognition Enhancing Brand Awareness Cost is free
11,722,840 users in Australia
Currently a Trend
Many Features and functions for interaction Advertising Opportunities Background and external environment Improving Fundraising Identification of possible social media avenues
Relevant/engaging content for followers
Sponsored stories
Check-in deals 1. Facebook 2. Twitter
Feedback + engage in tweet community 3. Link social media to the GF website 4. Public Relations 5. YouTube Channel 6. Smartphone App

- No government funding disadvantage
- Growing industry with potential lucrative returns
- Resurgence in economy = Resurgence in donations

- Increasing Cancer patients
- Increasing new entrants

- Quest for Life vs. Gawler Foundation Grow the Current Foundation
Awareness of the page
Utilising Facebook Advertising
CPM’s Vs CPC’s
Has to Generate a Greater Follower Base
Target Audience
“Tweet for Cash” Campaign
Linking Twitter and Facebook New Social Media
100million Active Monthly Users
Circle Communication
Google + Hangouts
Google + Not-Profit Organisations Page YouTube Channel
Story Telling to Raise Awareness
YouTube Non-Profit Program
YouTube Measurement Tool Facebook Twitter Google Plus YouTube Facebook: Celebrity charm in use
New Official website: support center & online auction
Developing Sponsorship Feedback + engage in tweet community Industry Analysis
Competitor Analysis
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