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About Me

No description

Stevie Walkowiak

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of About Me

Work Experience
Status Update
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People keep telling me i'm the nicest person they ever met and i'm always happy.
Taco Bell
May 18, 2013- Aug. 23, 2013
Aug. 28, 2013- Nov. 20, 2013
Polo Ralph Lauren
Nov. 19, 2013- Feb. 2, 2013
Nov. 20, 2013- Dec. 18,2013
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I love spending time with my puppy Jax, he's a klutz. In the summer I work on my truck and ride my dirt bike non-stop. I go for walks with my mom and runs with my step-dad. In the winter I snowboard and drift(: I love school my favorite class is Graphic Design. I don't have any role models because no one has met my standards, I am my own role model. I was in dance at my old school for two years. After high school I plan on being ether a Mechanic or a Graphic Design Artist.
I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andover Senior High- '11-'13
Monticello Senior High- '13-'14
Anoka Senior High-'14- Current
Lives In
Anoka, MN
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Stevie Lynnmmarie Walkowiak
About Me
My puppy and I!<3

Age: 16
DOB: 05/02/1997
Born in: Monticello
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