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The Justine Blainey Case

No description

Justine Rector

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Justine Blainey Case

A Potpourri of Minority Rights Issues Assignment The Justine Blainey Case The Case In 1985, Justine Blainey was twelve years old, she was playing on a boys minor peewee "A" hockey team. The Ontario Hockey Association put in place a policy prohibiting females from playing on male teams, except when there is not a comparable and all-female team. Minority Rights Normal individual rights applied to those of racial, ethnic, class, religious, linguistic or sexual minorities, and second, collective rights accorded to minority groups. Justine vs. OHA Justine Blainey felt discriminated against because of her gender. On her behalf, her Mother filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minority_rights http://chatt.hdsb.ca/~ohlkej/FOV1-0012D78D/FOV1-0012D798/FOV1-0012D79B/Justine%20Blainey%20Case.pdf The OHA felt that such a move would undermine the development of girls' hockey if the better qualified girls went on to play on boys' teams. They also had a concern for safety for girls. Section 1 - Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) Section 19(2) of the OHRC Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) http://leaf.ca/about-leaf/ Galatians 3:28 John 13:16 http://www.openbible.info/topics/equality Canadian Charter Section 15 (1): Canadian Charter Section 15 (2) http://section15.ca/features/ideas/2008/01/28/section_15/ Similar Case: The Pasternak Twins. In 2006, the twins, Amy and Jesse, were cut from their school's boys' hockey team. They made a complaint to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission when the MHSAA would no longer allow them to play on their high school because there was a girls' team. http://www.sportlaw.ca/2008/02/case-law-comment-manitoba-high-schools-athletic-association-v-pasternak-et-al-2008/ Excerpt from an online article:
"I tracked down Dr. Justine Blainey, now a successful Ontario chiropractor and a parent, and asked her via e-mail if she had any advice for the Pasternak sisters. Here’s her response: “To the girls: don’t give up—it’s getting up from the checks of life that makes us stronger!” “In the end,” wrote Dr. Blainey in her e-mail, “even though there can be tough times, it is worth it because you’re working together to change the life for someone else. I believe in the ability for us/people to change —my family did—it just takes more time for some. Let others, “ she continued, “follow your lead—you are leaders in your own right. Love, Justine.”Dr. Justine Blainey once said that in retrospect: “My struggle for sport equality strengthened my idealism and courage.” Biblical Standpoint Canada should take when dealing with equality rights: John 13:34-35 Mark 12:31 Going through the history of Canada, it is built on Protestant Christian ideologies however, through time we've become more tolerant for other's beliefs and ideologies which has slowly been pushing strong Christian morals out of the government. Every person has good inside them whether or not that they choose to show it all of the time. We as humans have learned to tolerate others or avoid times of trouble, in my own opinion it is because people have become more sensitive to their own issues and lack love and respect for others which results in issues that are seen today in Canada, like gender inequality. Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies http://www.elizabethfry.ca
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