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The Digital Divide

No description

Aimee Christian

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Digital Divide

Bridging the Gap The Digital Divide What is the digital divide? Millions of children across the globe have no access
to the computer or internet at home.
The internet is becoming more and more vital for
education and learning.
With a computer, children can keep learning and
educating themselves out of school.
With the internet, people can learn, share, and
But some children are disadvantaged. "A one percent
increase in America's broadband adoption would create 100,000
jobs" The world would
be more productive if
we bridge the gap. What can we do? Lots of people have already
begun to take action, for
example the 'One Laptop Per
Child Project'. ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD One laptop per child has distributed over 2.4
million 'XO' laptops to children and teachers
across the world. The XO laptops have been
distributed to many places including China, Italy,
Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa,
Uganda, Haiti and many more. Why are they disadvantaged? There are a significant number of people across
the globe that have no access to computers.
In today's society, people use the internet for
elections and even job applications.
You need computer skills to be an engineer,
a builder, a doctor, a business man, an electrician
etc. People without computer skills won't
even be able to get good jobs in the
The two main reasons people have no internet are things to do with... CLASS Most of the people with annual
household incomes from $5-35k
have no internet RACE Less American-Indians, Hispanics
and African-Americans have
internet compared to white people. These primary school children from Madagascar have been given an XO laptop. What does the XO laptop do? The XO laptop is a great learning resource.
It has drawing software, recording software, it teaches children to read and type, and even teaches Spanish, French and English.
Children and teachers have been taught how to use and repair their laptops. Solar panels have been built in to charge the laptops in hot, normally sunny areas.
One Country Complete Every primary school in Uruguay has a laptop, and 98% of all students have internet connectivity at home. These young Uruguayan students work together on the curb outside school It's a start... But that's all it is. There are still millions of children across the world that have not got the opportunities we have, and they deserve it. By Aimee Christian (8P)
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