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No description

Bruno LR

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of eGovernment

Try connecting with other platforms: Access the platform Your DNIE identifies you uniquely! Discuss Welcome to eGovernment Ever wondered what the democracy of the future would look like? Profiles Discussion Government Information Notifications Documents Connectivity Change your legal address
Obtain your birth documents
Find your resume
Find out your driving license points
Change your marital status
Access to your taxes information Receive traffic fines
Set taxes deadlines alarms
Be reminded of an appointment to renew your passport
Let your hospital contact you Print physical documents
Fill up forms
Find your applications for public jobs Follow the people who share your views
Receive a personalized RSS with the government news
Join social groups or political parties Your profile will be the link for the Government to contact you. Not impressed yet? Constitution Ministers Places Administrations History Statistics Official holidays Contact Jobs What do you want to
know about? This is the link for you to contact the Government Still more questions? You'll find the answer in this section Not a Spanish citizen? And once inside the platform? Vote Collaborate This is the point where you and the Government meet Ideas? Complains? Feedback? (You will find here everything you need) Either if it is a proposal for a new law or a new road, this is the place! Even via Twitter! Prepared for the Challenge? Bruno Lopez-Rubio Fernandez Entreprenaurial Experience: On the way Andrew Choi Brought to you by: Voice:
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