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Template Newspaper 1

English 350--Othello Middle School Project

Cesar Ornelas

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Template Newspaper 1

The Gondolier Weekly
Monday, March 15, 1604
Venice's Number One Newspaper

The newlyweds, (Desdemona, left; Othello, right), shortly after swapping vows in Venice.
Baroque is in!
Peter Paul Rubens shows you how to decorate your home, 3B.
British Bash: What James VI is planning for his one-year-reigning party, plus who's invited, 4A.
SUNDAY, MARCH 14, CYPRUS—Witnesses say a general of the Venetian army strangled his 23-year-old wife of only a few hours, Desdemona, in their marriage bed. The newlywed couple had been residing on the island for only a day or two when the husband, Othello, age 34, entered his wife’s bedroom and murdered her. Before police could arrest him, he took his life with his own sword, dying over the body of his wife. Cyprus, which had just avoided a major battle against the Turks, is now reeling in the aftershock of this massive scandal. (Story continues on 2A.)
Iago, the Venetian general's ancient, escaped the crime scene after murdering his wife, Emilia. Police later arrested him. He is being held for questioning in the case of Othello and Desdemona.
Weather Forecast
By Galileo Galilei
Thou mayest bid those rain clouds Godspeed, folks! The forecast on the morrow calleth for clear, sunny skies and temperatures in the middeth- to uppereth-70's. Weather this pleasing is perfect for ye shrews to contain thyselves indoors and keep thy skin pale. The temperature mayest drop as low as 55 degrees after the sun doth set, so ye wenches ought to keep thy petticoats in close proximity.
Papa Clement VIII says...
Thou shalt drink coffee.
Kaitlin Sturgill
Desdemona, shortly after arriving at Cyprus. This would be the last picture taken of her alive.
However, the tragedy of this story runs much deeper. Before his death, Othello stabbed his closest associate, Iago, who had been proven to be the one who created the "uncircumcised dog" that killed Desdemona. Though police continue to piece together evidence, it seems clear that Iago played a greater role than any of Othello's acquaintances could have known. "His wife, Emilia," said Lodovico, "was confessing Iago's crimes as she figured out the clues. He kept telling her to shut up, but she refused. So he killed her." When asked about the crimes Iago was guilty of, Lodovico continued, "It appears that he orchestrated the whole murder. He told Othello that Desdemona was having an affair with none other than Michael Cassio."
"Desdemona was a proper lady, but she belonged solely to Othello, "Cassio said in response to the allegations of the affair. "I had no interest in her, but even if I did, she would never have stepped out on her husband."
Othello, who had enjoyed a successful career as a Venetian army general, has been buried in a cemetery outside Venice after a troubling murder-suicide in which he strangled his wife. The general was well liked and admired by his men; his reputation as a level-headed, confident leader preceded him. "His only enemies were the Turks, or anyone on the opposite side of the battle field," reported his ex-ancient Michael Cassio. "No one thought badly of him until recently. Now we're all struggling to keep his good reputation in tact." Others who witnessed the crime scene seemed shocked by the entire ordeal. "He loved Desdemona so dearly! There wasn't a single person who suspected otherwise."

Story continued from front page...

She may have been happy, but clearly something was amiss in the relationship. Lodovico, a cousin to Desdemona, was the only person who offered evidence of problems between the couple: "He hit her once. He did it in front of me. She hadn't done anything to deserve it, and he treated her very badly. He seemed angry, but he never said why."
When friends of the couple were asked about this alleged domestic abuse, no one mentioned other incidents. "He would never hurt her! Well, that's what I thought—what we all thought—before this," said Cassio.
One thing all the witnesses can agree on is this: Othello was under extreme mental stress at the time of the murder. Reportedly, before the general stabbed himself to death, he addressed those present and gave an explanation for all that had taken place. He claimed his love for Desdemona was not wise, but "too well." His suicide he described as the killing of an uncircumcised dog, and a malignant and turbaned Turk; this metaphor has been said to refer to a "dark side" of himself, and therefore his death was also the end to his evil other half.
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The Gondolier Weekly is sponsored in part by
It seems Othello was deceived by Iago, which led to the untimely death of Desdemona. Iago was not available to comment on the allegations, as he was being treated for a stab wound. Iago is charged with second-degree murder for the cold-hearted slaying of his wife, Emilia; other charges are expected to follow, as links have been made between Iago and Desdemona's death, as well as the recent murder of another man, Roderigo, and the injury of Michael Cassio just before Desdemona was murdered. However, there is speculation that the death penalty will not be sought in this case, as Othello himself stated before his own death, "I'd have thee live; for in my sense, 'tis happiness to die."
"I didn't approve of Othello stabbing Iago, which is why I ordered his sword to be taken away," said Lodovico. "However, there wasn't one person in that room who did not want to stab Iago at that point."
A thorough investigation is taking place throughout Cyprus. Though Othello has already been buried in a private ceremony near Venice, a burial service for Desdemona has yet to be arranged.
Desdemona, the beloved daughter of the recently-deceased local senator, Brabantio, eloped with the Moorish general, Othello, only days before she was found murdered in her bed. Her friends say that she was completely enraptured by him. "Oh, she was heavenly true," one woman said of Desdemona. "The Moor secretly courted her, and they must have eloped sometime over the weekend," said another. Her father certainly was not pleased with the marriage (in fact, many say the heartbreak killed him), but Desdemona seemed so happy!"
I wish a less creepy picture of Othello could have been provided.
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