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Boulder Knights Youth Baseball

Presentation prepared for Boulder U12 baseball team for parent education and intro pre-season exercise program

Kristin Carpenter

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Boulder Knights Youth Baseball

Black Knights Preseason Prevention
Baseball Arm Injuries
Common Injuries: What are they?
> 100 innings per year
>80 pitches/game
>8 months/year
Larger kids
Pitch count recommendations
Adequate rest following pitching
No throwing with arm fatigue
Cautious pitcher transition to other positions
Correction of muscle imbalances
Flexibility following pitching
injury prevention
what puts kids at risk?
Elbow or shoulder pain during or following throwing
Elbow or shoulder pain with day to day activities
Loss of velocity
Loss of accuracy
what are you looking for?
Little league shoulder and elbow
Shoulder pain
Elbow pain
External rotation (rotator cuff)
Shoulder blade plank (serratus anterior)
Prone T on exercise ball (middle and lower trap)
Shoulder stretching - especially for pitchers
Initial exercise program
Perform 3x/week
3 sets of each exercise
Growth plate
Biceps tendon
Rotator cuff
Growth plate
Kristin Carpenter, PT, DPT, OCS
Waldron's Peak Physical Therapy
email: wpptkc@gmail.com
Twitter: @KJCarpenterDPT
more questions? please contact me!
exercise handouts will be available through matt
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