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k laubscher

on 21 April 2010

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Double click anywhere & add an idea NATO tands for north atlantic treaty orgaization. NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
is a grupe of coutries working together
to do the workthat the UN can't they needed protection against the soviet union and to control there veto powers. the UN couldn't help because of the rule they play as a supper power. Loius st.Lauent wanted to make
a "ssocition of democratic peace
loveing states to protect western
Eureope.(the people liked it) at april 1949, canada and the U.S.
joined Belguim, Britian, Denmark,
France , Iceland, Italy, Luxenburg,
the Netherlands, Nerway, and
portugal to form NATO or North
Atlantic Treaty Organization. f In 1995 the soviet union reacted by making
there own military aliens it was the war saw act.
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