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Digital Photography

No description

Luke Armstrong

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital Photography

How Digital Photography changed human behavior
Getting people to buy products never been easier.
Point and Shoot

Easy to use for all skill levels
By far the cheaper option
Takes good pictures
Portability: can fit in the pocket
Photographs in politics
Communication through news in pictures can be on the internet within seconds influencing others. It gives a scope of how many people actually feel a certain way about issues.
Presidential Effects
Photo taken with a Canon 5D Mark II. Obama was the first president to get his official presidential photograph.
The Early Years
Steve Sasson
An engineer of Kodak built the the first digital camera in December 1975
It used a digital cassette tape of the permanent storage
It took 30 seconds to read the digital image
.01 Megapixels by today's standards
Weighing 8 pounds
He revolutionized the world and improvements to cameras years later would have dramatic impact
Only one was created as a prototype to see what this technology could do. His goal was to make cameras to portable by design
Apple QuickTake series
In 1994, Apple made the QuickTake camera manufactured the 100 by Kodak
Years later, it was the 150 and 200 manufactured by Kodak then Fujifilm
It held 8 images at full resolution and 32 at 320X240 of flash memory. It was the first camera at the consumer-level market
Camera Types: Point and shoot and DSLR
Not limited to only 1 type, photographers could choose which one they want. Both have their positives and negatives and the overall goal is the same, to share special moments with others.
Is limited in its functionality
Can't switch lens to zoom or sharpen the subject
DSLR or Digital Single-Lens Reflex
Offer more control how they will look
Interchangeable lens to achieve the best shot possible
Takes excellent pictures
Portability: Bigger than compacts, but can easily fit around body with strap
Difficult for beginners to use all the features
Higher cost
Can't fit in pockets
Weighs more
One of the main reasons why digital cameras were better than film was the speed. Professional photographers switched rather quickly because of the instant gratification. As the cost came down over the years, cameras become more common.
It is estimated that 380 billion images were taken last year, most with a camera phone. Over 380 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day. Instagram is growing exponentially and had four billion photos uploaded as of July 2012.
- James Estrin
= What I predict in the future
Pete Souza is the president's photographer. His important job includes following Obama around and attend places he is at. Overall the pictures tell where he is and what he is doing. Digital changed how many images, Pete could take of him at any time.
A face will inform the public who is running for an office and remind to vote for them.
Pictures inform
Pictures persuade
Pictures remind the public what to do and how to do it
Pictures are many times better at selling...
Digital Photography Changed How We Look At The World
Pictures tells stories on important events!
A simple picture of clouds gathering in a scene of a storm in the distance is an example of how impromptu photo opportunities can be.
I head no idea that the clouds would be in a group like that, but I'm glad I had my smartphone with me at the time.
They show achievements and progress
Stories of success
Sport events
Landing on mars was a superior engineering feat of what humans could achieve. The rover called curiosity can take very high resolution images of mars through its many cameras. 17 cameras. NASA relies on the cameras for the mission.
The Importance of Digital Photography in Natural Disasters
Internet has made preparation for unimaginable events possible through as-its-happening pictures. Pictures provide warning for people in its path. They also allow others to see the damage and respond with help.
Emergencies include
Heat Waves
Snow storms/Blizzards
Hurricanes/Typhoons or Cyclones (same thing)
Images Bring us closer than ever before
Phones in Cameras
In 13 years!
0.11 - megapixels
41 - Megapixels
Social Media and Pop Culture
Photographs are how we all connect in an online community.

Add silly advice here

On advice animals, any image works basically. It is really that simple.

This behavior has come to be expected over the internet. This is a result of billions of pictures taken every year by cameras of some kind (DSLR, point and shoot or smartphone) and a little creativity with Photoshop or other photo manipulation software.
And if you can't take a picture yourself, there is help with google images.
Future Camera Tech
Super Telephoto Camera – A more advance version of Google Glass or glasses made by a company we don’t know yet. High resolution and huge zoom capabilities. They could also help with sight.

More wearable cameras – the Galaxy gear has a camera, but a better one in the future. Control it remotely. Curved camera in the shape of contacts or a ring or necklace.

Canon Snap Concept, a Microcam for Your Index Finger.
Augmented reality could be use much more than it is today. Cameras allows a 2D images to 3D. Only happens with cameras with this technology.
Cameras can do more things remotely. Make human lives easier.
Military (drones) more advanced
Smartcars, seeing danger
Human sized Robots
Motion operated
Computer, Smartphone device
QR codes to make art galleries or museums easier
Or just make looking at objects easier because they offer more information
J-Phone - November of 2000
Nokia Lumia 1020 - July 11th 2013
Put a good camera in most households
Easier, faster, extremely potable
They might replace the point and shoot according to Roger Cicala in a foreseeable future
Increasing the number of pictures taken
Anyone can take a good, clear shot. No skill required
Anyone who has a camera has no difficultly uploading it online these days. With no or little work and a creative imagination, anyone could create a meme. A type of meme are pictures with text. Just like Advice dog or grumpy cat. There can be text describing what the animal might have said.
Pictures can show us reminders of where we been or what we like to see. To instantly see the result of the image you took and to share them easily is why digital photography is so popular.
The future does look bright for photography, but I don't know quite how fast it will move. Camera technology is moving so fast. Faster then it ever has in history, but it will always be needed for the memories or achievements forever preserved in time.
Social Networks and Profile Pictures
Social Networks will show you that you can upload a picture of yourself which is called a profile picture. Cameras are so easy to come by so it is easy to post your picture on the web.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr are big Networks for the user to publish a profile picture as well as other pictures which they may find interesting. Cameras made for an identity on the internet.

The technology that impacted The World
Cost was a main factor. When people didn't have to pay to developed their pictures anymore, the number skyrocketed.
This view is out of this world!
By Luke Armstrong
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