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Team Nacho

Sagar Jethani

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of easyJet

easyJet but tell me about stelios... * son of shipping tycoon * had a come-to-jesus moment after flying swa * founded easyJet @ age 32 the context * deregulation in european airline industry * any european airline could fly anywhere sounds GREAT, but... * other forms of travel compete w/air * 40% more expensive to run airline in europe * 3 out of 4 low-cost carriers had gone bust in first 4 yrs following deregulation so what's stelios' plan? compete on price through cost-savings compete on customer service want food? huge % of total sales on 'net no expensive computer reservation systems forget your travel agent higher flight turnaround
= more flights
= more revenue but have you seen our new 737s? ...and our pilots, who are paid fmv for their work? fees 10 euros + cost of difference to change flight demand-based fare increases luton > heathrow outsourcing rocks building the brand 10% of rev--> advertising attack advertising full refunds for all passengers if flight > 4hrs late *
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