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Engineering porject

Cameron Kerr

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of BRA-some

5 Facts BRA-some Problem Statement Currently, the number of cell phones exceeds the American population. In 2011, Americans lost $30 Billion worth of cell phones due to misplacement, theft, or by dropping and breaking. Justifications Justification #1 Gantt Chart Experts Joey Bra -687 Oriospect Street, Lakewood -Kyle Bartlow & Mariah Gentry -Email : Contact@joeybra.com Roger Yu. "Lost Phones" (12, 03 23). Usa today. Retrieved from http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/news/story/2012-03-22/lost-phones/53707448/1 Ruyi Spandex This article is talking about and giving statistics for the amount of Americans that lose their phones each year. The year in this article specifically is 2011. This article is from a professional broadcasting company and the information given in this can be considered a reliable and relevant source. This article says that about $30 billion worth of mobile phones were lost last year alone. A phone these days costs about $200-$300 to replace. There is a cell phone lost every 3.5 seconds. -Industrial park, Jining, Shandong, China.
-Chinaspandex@126.com Over 200,000 bras are sold each year
Each bra costs approximately $40 each
$30 billion worth of mobile phones are lost each year
Each phone costs $200-$300 to relplace
A phone is lost every 3.5 seconds in the U.S. Justification #2 Kyle Bartlow, M. G. (n.d.). Retrieved from www.joeybra.com/products/joeybra-original This article provides a detailed description of a possible solution to our problem statement. It also gives many good examples that can be used as a springboard for further research to our problem. The detailed description consists of many pocketed bra ideas and other justifications for our problem. It talks about problems that they faced when they came up with this possible solution. Nancy's Bra Boutique -613 East Main League City TX
-www.Nancysbraboutique.com Justification #3 Mogg , T. (2012, March 23,). Study reveals americans lost $30 billion worth of mobile phones last year. Retrieved from http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/study-reveals-americans-lost-30-billion-of-mobile-phones-last-year/ This article provides a detailed description of a possible solution to our problem statement. It also gives many good examples that can be used as a springboard for further research to our problem. The detailed description consists of many pocketed bra ideas and other justifications for our problem. It talks about problems that they faced when they came up with this possible solution. Justification #4 National Cancer Institue. (2012). Retrieved from National Institutes of Health website: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/cellphones This article gives many different examples of how using and holding phones can cause different health problems with people of all ages. This gives great examples that apply to our problem radiation problems involved with holding phones. This article is from the National Cancer Institute so it is a valid government article. This article gives good examples of ways to prevent radiation which would be very valuable in creating a solution to our problem. Justification #5 Cohn, Michael. "Manage your mobile assets: Keeping track of mobile devices is proving to be a challenge for today's IT department. (Asset Management)." Internet World Feb. 2002: 52+. General OneFile. Web. 11 Oct. 2012. This is a journal written by a man named Michael Cohn. It tells us the amount of phones, pagers, and any other electrical handheld software
in everyday American life, and what places are they most lost. This article gives us a technical attack path onto our solution. Design Veronique -999 Marina Way South Richmond, CA
-832-932-5167 , www.designveroniqe.com Maddie Flanigan -Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
-www.madalynne.com Past Solutions Pros:
-Has Pockets on
the side Cons:
-Only has one pocket
and cannot keep
it in during
physical activity Joey Bra Keep it Klose Possible Solutions Possible Solution #1 Possible Solution #2 Possible Solution #3 Pros:
-Has multiple pockets Cons:
-1 big pocket in front of cup
-Very Inconvenient Buddie Bra Pros:
Has Pockets on
the inside Cons:
Not a lot of room to hold items Decision Matrix Justification Attack Paths Cameron Kerr
Logan Fulton
Sean Flanagan

Clear Falls High School

5/1/13 Math, Science, and Engineering Concepts Using scientific ideas we can concur that concepts apply to our solution and will help us create a better solution. We will need to use biology to accurately make different size bras according to breast size. We will need to make sure we use the correct material so we know we are not harming anyone from radiation from phones going through it. The shock impulse is also a major factor when making a bra design. With physical activity comes the shock impact on the objects being held in the bra which we will have to consider when making the bra design. We will also need to consider the force applied by the breast during physical activity and how we can create the maximum amount of support during physical activity that can also hold objects. Final Prototype Technical Drawings Materials/Cost Prototype Build Documentation Prototype Build Procedure Testing Procedures Step 1: Running Test- Run a lap with the bra on and make sure nothing falls out or is damaged while listening to music. Do a 40 yard dash to make sure nothing will fall out when the body is moving faster while sprinting.
Step 2: Pocket Test- Make sure all the pockets are using the best material for their purpose and make sure they all hold on and work properly. Take the bra on and off to make sure it holds properly.
Step 3: Moisture Test- Use the spray bottle to simulate moisture from sweat and spray it on all the pockets to make sure nothing gets damaged from the water.
Step 4: Aerobic Test- Perform a series of plyometric exercises that will test the bra in different ways. Make sure everything stays in and doesn’t move around too much. Testing Results Running Test Moisture Test Aerobics Test Pocket Test Modifications and Next Steps Looking at our testing results we have determined what we need to change on our final product in order to make it the best that we can. The only pockets that had issues were the Credit and Cell Phone Pockets.

Credit Card Pocket
Not a good material told hold something plastic like credit cards in. We will have to change the material used.
There was one instance where not all the cards stayed in the pocket so we will need to make a better way to get them to stay in.

Cell Phone Pocket
This pocket had issues with being comfortable. We will need to adjust the position or thew material we used. Solution Justification Able to safely hold all the objects it is supposed to.
Protects cell phone from water and sweat damage.
Removes the risk of being pick pocketed.
Comfortable and convenient to workout in. Acquire the needed materials to sew the pockets
Cut out each of the pockets from the available material
Sew the pockets onto the bra
After completion, begin testing the pockets Project Objectives Create a sports bra that will hold paper money, credit cards and a cell phone very comfortably
Reduce the amount of stolen items
Eliminate the issue of broken cell phones by securing them in an easy to reach pocket
Create a product that will be ideal for women to workout in and will be very desirable for them to wear
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