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No description

da space group

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of SPACE

Mercury is the first planet by the sun.Its distance form the sun is35,983,046 miles (57,909,100 km).It takes 88 days to orbit around the sun.A day on Mercury 59 Earth days to turn once.Mercury 0.34 AU from the sun.AU means Astronomical units.Mercury is the inermost and smallest planet.It takes heat from the atmosphere.
Mars is the 4th planet from the sun.Mars has at least 2 moons called Phobos and Diemos.It was named after roman sun of gods.It takes 686.98 Earth days to orbit around the sun.
Here is a picture of mercury. Mercury looks like a solid gold planet.Mercury is very hot.
The technology that they shoot up in the air is called a space shuttle.They watch what is happening on earth. It moves 28,000 kilometers per hour.Technology dveloped by space,scnce, or the amosphere.
this is a picture of a space shuttle some space shuttles look like a rocket but it is hard to tell them apart.
Venus is the second planet from the sun and it is the second brightest object in the night sky after the moon.It is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.It is also the second largest terrestrial planet. The surface temperature is 462C. The orbit period is 224.70 earth days. It has no moons.
A day on Venus is longer than a year. Venus is called Earths twin planet.
Blue Giant stars
Blue stars are large and compact,this causess them to burn there fuel quickly which in turn makes their temperature very hot. These stars often run out of fuel in only 10,000-100,000 years. In space a blue giant star is extremly bright.It is like a light house with a strong light you can see from a far away distance.
Earth is the 3rd planet away from the sun. It has a solid anmosphere.Its the home town of evey boy and girl.Earth is the fifth largest of the planets in the solar system. Earth has a diameter of roughly 8,000 miles (13,000 kilometers), and is round because gravity pulls matter into a ball, although it is not perfectly round, instead being more of an "oblate spheroid" whose spin causes it to be squashed at its poles and swollen at the equator.Its has at least 71 persent of water covering Earth.
jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.Jupiter meaning:Jupiter Jupiter, known as Zeus in Greek mythology, over threw his father Saturn to become king of the gods. He then split the universe with his brothers Neptune and Plutjupiter is 968 million KM from the sun.Has more than 11 times the diameter of Earth.It has 63 moons.For than 300 years, a gigantic hurricane -like storm called the Great Red Spot has rage Jupiter.
science book
Saturn is the 6th planet in the solar system.Saturn has rings that are visble from earth,its ring are made of rocks and dust.Saturn has at least 31 moons.Saturn's rings are made of billions of pieces of ice, dust and rocks,and some of the particles are as small grain of salt
Neptune is one of the windest planets in the solar system.Winds can reach 2000 miles per hour.
Red Dwarf
The Red Dwarf Stars are smaller then our sun.Also since they are smaller than the sun they have less mass.Red Dwarfs are red because only burn a little bit of fuel at a time

Uranus is the 3rd largest planet. It is the 7th planet from the sun.But it is smaller then neptune in mass. It is 2,870,990,000 from the sun.Uranus has 27 known moons called Cordelia,Ophelia,Bianca,Cressida,Desemona,Juliet,Portia,Rosalind,Cupid,Belinda,Perdita,Puck,Mab,Miranda,Ariel,Umbriel,Titania,Oberon,Francisco,Caliban,Stephano,Trinculo,Sycorax,Margaret,Prospero,Setebos,Ferdinand.

space tecnhology
The Technology, Innovation and Engineering Committee is a standing committee of the NASA Advisory Council supporting the advisory needs of the NASA administrator, the Office of the Chief Technologist, and NASA Mission Directorates. The scope of the Committee includes all NASA programs that could benefit from technology research and innovation.

Yellow Stars
Yellow stars are medium like the sun and they are yellow because they have a medium tempurture. There tempurture higher causes the fuel to burn out quickly.
Our home
Giant Star
A super giant star is the exact same thing as a giant star only much bigger.When it starts to run out of fuel,it will burn up.
Super Giant Star
This star is a sun sized star and it gets really old.It starts to run out of its hydrogen fuel.Did you know...that,when the Sun becomes a giant star, it's light will shine much further into space than it does right now.
Space technology
The International space station 3-D printer is a first 3-D printer object in space.This object, a printhead faceplate, is engraved with names of the organizations that collaborated on this space station technology demonstration.
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