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The Velvet Rope - Creating Special Events that are Truly "Special" (VIP Experiences - Revised)

How do you create VIP experiences? Learn how to evaluate which events are worth doing and which should be avoided. Learn to design your Special Event to resonate with your audience. More at www.goalbusters.net

GoalBusters Consulting

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of The Velvet Rope - Creating Special Events that are Truly "Special" (VIP Experiences - Revised)

Give your "pitch" no more than 2 sentences, 30 seconds or less to someone else in the room

Rotate when we tell you and share either your idea or the other person's idea with the next person
Horror Stories
What kind of event is this?
What makes an event idea good?
Experience focused
Donor focused
Potential to raise money
Not too much work
Talk about what we DON'T want in an event
Identify what we DO want
How to execute a good event
Why are they bad?
What are we trying to do?
Fundraiser or
Quantity or
Transactional or Philanthropic?
Front loaded or Back loaded?
Who is your market?
Exercise: What events work for which audiences?
Something “exclusive”
No obstacles
A little "red carpet"
Shared history
What makes a VIP experience?
VIP Elements:
Toy, Tool or Treat?
Did you accomplish your goal?
Did it engage people?
Are the results replicable?
Was it worth the effort?
Does it feel like a good event for your organization?
The Velvet Rope
Creating Special Events that are Truly "Special"
Money Pit:
Investment >Return
High Maintenance:
Too much work!
Why should we care if you don't
Same old, same old:
Fundraiser or a Party?
Fashion Victim:
Did you have to drag someone to this??
All You Can Eat:
Let's do it ALL (and none well)
We're just not that into you.
How are you being extraordinary?
The Pizza Crawl
For example
Signature Food
Back in the day
You wanna be in pictures
Unique performances
You've been here all day...
There's a difference between a cash cow and a sacred cow
Good events are focused on
participant experience
@AliceFerris @GoalBustersJim
Fundraising Resources

Thank You!

Quick Exercise!
What's your BEST event idea?
Alice Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE
James Anderson, CFRE

You need to get outside!
San Diego Conference
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