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The Sniper.

No description

henri jones

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Sniper.

"The Sniper"
Prezi by: Rosie Glaser and Henri Jones

By: Liam O'Flaherty
Why Our Character Is
A Gothic Hero
The plot of this story begins on a rooftop in Ireland. The character is a sniper in the Irish army and is scoping out the streets of Dublin late at night. He suddenly sees movement in the street and makes a risky attempt to get to another position, in doing so he is shot in the forearm by an enemy sniper.
Plot 2
After the sniper had been shot, he created a scene to convince his enemy that he was dead. The enemy sniper assumed that our hero was actually dead so he let down his guard. While the enemy sniper wasn't paying attention the hero shot him, only to later find out the enemy was his brother.
The Sniper
By Rosie Glaser and Henri Jones


Gothic Hero:


A Gothic Hero is defined as an alienated outcast who has a fatal flaw. Has extreme behavior and sometimes great charm.
We think our character is a gothic hero
because he not only has exteme behavior
(When he created the diversion to kill the woman and enemy sniper) but he also is rebellious
and despises the war.
The theme of this story is; war and violence can turn anyone against each other. We find out that the enemy sniper our hero kills turns out to be his blood brother. (stated on page 3) War and greed are so powerful and evil that even close family turns into enemies.
"He made an effort of will to overcome the pain." Pg.2
This quotation shows that he truly believed in what he was fighting for. If he was willing to overcome the pain of being shot then he must truly want to defeat his enemy for a greater cause.
"Suddenly from the opposite side a shot rang out and the sniper dropped his rifle with a curse.The rifle clattered to the roof. He stopped to pick up the rifle but he couldn't , I'm hit ,he muttered." He was against another man in battle, in the end one of the men had to die.
Video reference
Indirect characterization
Direct Characterization
"His face was the face of a student,but his eyes had that cold gleam of the fanatic." This shows he was young and had been in battle long enough to be affected by killing. Every time he kills a man, he himself dies a little bit inside.
Universal conflict
Archetype Symbol
The Sniper killed 3 people.

3: Trinity, (Father, son, holy ghost) mind, body, spirit

We think that the three people dying symbolically represents the character's good intentioned spirit and self aware mind.
Self Awareness
We chose self awareness to best describe our character because he knew what he had to do in order to protect himself. No matter how badly he didn't want to kill the other man, he knew he had to if he wanted his side to win the war. He was also very aware of his decisions and of his surroundings.
Man v. man
(Background info on Irish Civil War)
Core Competancy
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