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The Semantics Structure of Sentence

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Almahera Lubawi

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of The Semantics Structure of Sentence

The Semantics Structure of Sentence
by :
Group 9
Shinta Monika
Fajar Insani Gulo

Predication is the relationship between a subject (with its modifiers) and a verb (with its complements and modifiers).
Predications can be divided up into arguments and predicates.

- consist of
Arguments and Predicates
- consist of

Ex: My uncle owns this car


predicate argument

A tall woman was in front of the car

argument predicate argument

Argument is an expression that helps complete the meaning of a predicate.
Argument sometimes match syntactic elements like subject, verb and object, and sometime do not.
‘My uncle’ and ‘this cars’ in sentence ‘My uncle owns this cars’
‘A tall woman’ and ‘the car’ in sentence ‘A tall woman in front of the car’
Predicate is to modify the subject.
Logical predicates are expressed in natural language by words of various parts of speech, including verbs, adjectives and common nouns.
‘owns’ in sentence ‘My uncle owns this cars’
‘in front of’ in sentence ‘A tall woman in front of the car’

Rather as subject verb, object, adverb, etc., are constituents of sentences, so argument and predicate are constituents of the predication express by sentences.


'in front of'
Argument 1
'a man'
Argument 2
'a woman'
Direction - Lateral
a tall woman:
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